Peer Pressure


I apologise for not writing my blog last week, I had an unexpected shift at work but no need to dwell on that. Today I have chosen to write about peer pressure as this was previously brought up earlier in the week and I think this is a reason as to why teens choose to do what they do.

Most teens are peer pressured to do something or try something new, in some cases the person being pressured wants to try whatever they are being pressured into and sometimes use the pressure as an excuse. Friends can sometimes encourage you to do bad things like smoke, drink, commit crimes etc. If your friends do pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable then you should know when to tell them to stop and perhaps you shouldn’t talk to them anymore. If they push your boundaries and don’t  know when to stop, then you should tell them and put them in their place. No one should ever make you feel awkward or uncomfortable in a situation especially a friend. You know where the line is and if it’s necessary, you should have to tell them.

Occasionally, people will give into peer pressure because they want to fit in with everyone else. Some people think being different is bad and that we should all be the same but that makes life boring. Another reason why people may give in is because people are afraid to lose their friends. If they were your real friends, they would respect and understand when they have crossed the line. You shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed to say no. You don’t have to be in a situation where you feel awkward, everyone has limits whether they are stronger than others, no one’s self respect should be taken away. “Good friends will respect your individuality”. 

The media can sometimes also affect peer pressure. More and more things are becoming acceptable in magazines, on the TV etc, women and men’s bodies are being exposed more. I think because of this, teens think it is okay to push people to their limits and beyond. They don’t realise how people feel and think about the exposure and abuse towards teens because of the media, people don’t realise how much of an effect it has on this generation.

Your friends can teach you a lot about yourself, they help you develop and learn more things about you that you may not have known without their help. Friends can help you, support and motivate you to succeed with anything in life. However, some friends can influence you to do bad things because of peer pressure.

I hope today’s blog was an interesting read for you.

Thanks for reading



Should We Fight For Our Beliefs?


As I attend a school full of pre-teens and teenagers, a lot of them are insecure about stating their passions because they may not have enough self-confidence to stand up for their beliefs. Occasionally I pass by a group of people, I often overhear someone’s opinion being put down; someone else in their group is discriminating against their opinion. Unfortunately, a small fraction actually stand up for their belief. Hopefully today I can inspire you or help you to gain confidence to not be ashamed or what you like.

If the topic of something you are passionate about comes up in a conversation between you and a group of friends or people you have just met, you should make it obvious that you like the topic whether it be religion, music or something else. I also think standing up for your beliefs shows that you are a strong capable character who is not afraid to speak out above the others. Before you get to expressing your interests, you must have a good confidence because it is hard to talk about what you love in front of others.

I don’t know how it came to me but some stage in my life recently, it got to point where I didn’t care about what others thought of me. I think it takes something big to give you that extra push to not caring about what others think. I’m not sure how this situation occurred but it eventually happened; I’m glad that I can openly talk about what I love and not give a damn about what other people think. I might sound up myself but I’m not, there are also other positives when standing up for your beliefs. I think it is a valuable quality especially if you are in the right workplace because it shows that you are a passionate person who can fight for their beliefs. It also shows that you are strong and that you have confidence.

It is important not to get to cocky and don’t forget that other people will have different opinions to you, it also takes a mature person to accept other people’s view and to take them into consideration. Keep going and stand up for your beliefs because who will? “Be a lover not fighter, but always fight for what you love.” 

I hope that you are feeling a little more inspired or confident even if you don’t I hope that you take this into consideration and that this has had a positive outlook for you. Thanks for reading xoxo


Making Decisions… No Matter The Size!


Our lives are based on so many decisions we or others make. No matter how big the decision is, there will always be a consequence whether it is good or bad. There is always a battle in our mind between our intuition and logic. Unfortunately, most of the time our intuitive side kicks in more than our logic but some people like to take to gamble and end up with something they weren’t expecting with or don’t like.

We are always making choices but don’t realise it like what you want to have for breakfast, lunch or choose what film to watch etc. Now choosing things like this, don’t affect us permanently but when it comes to our education, money etc the whole story changes. As a teen, I’ve already been made to decide some big things that will matter in my life. I had to choose what I wanted to take for my GCSEs which do eventually point me in the direction of a career in later life, adults expect us to have our life planned out at this age and even if we have a plan now I can guarantee that it will change in a couple of years time or just before we start university.

Why is it that at such a young age we have to make big life-changing decisions? Most adults can’t even make decisions now so why are we expected to make them now? I’m sure that my generation is completely different to how our parent’s generation were in their teen years and a lot of parents and people seem to be managing so why should we make the decisions now when our parents didn’t.

Decisions we make throughout our lives will decide our fate and we usually meet people on the way that can make this journey something unforgettable and you get so many opportunities and experiences by deciding things for yourselves.

Remember you do have to go with what you think is best and not decide in the heat of the moment. Sometimes it is right to go with your head and not your heart but if you do want to take them gamble then go for it, no one is stopping you. Also, don’t let other people’s thoughts change your mind, take their comments into consideration but decide for yourself because in the end you will be dealing with the outcome. Whenever you do make a big decision next time, list the pros and cons to ensure you choose the right thing.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and make the best decisions you can in life. Thanks for reading xoxo

Does Everybody Deserve a Second Chance?

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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Everybody deserves a second chance” but nowadays people are being lied to more often and forgiven easily (well, that’s what I’ve been seeing). It’s disappointing to find out that someone lies to you especially a family member or close friends, even though we are lied to just to be protected, doesn’t mean we are still feeling “loved” because keeping secrets from someone shows that you aren’t protecting them, you are lying to them no matter how big or little the secret is.

Giving a second chance to someone really depends on the situation and how the person feels, for example if you’ve had an argument with your best friend because you were talking behind their back, depending how close you two were, the trust you both had in each other is probably is what is helping them to consider giving you a second chance. They are probably thinking about what you have been through together, the highs and lows. Based on that they are probably having a tough time, choosing because they don’t want to be betrayed on again or taken advantage of. No one wants their friend to take advantage of them, if you have been through it then you know how hard it is, don’t let other people around you experience that.

In the adult world, giving a second chance to a partner after cheating or an employee after messing up at work is something different. In order to give your partner a second chance takes a lot of courage and shows that you trust the person enough to take them back but remember not everyone uses these chances wisely. There are people in this world that will use you but these people can help you grow and you can become stronger as a person. They will be people who’ll shape you into the person you will become, in the end you might actually be thankful for them because they were the ones who opened your eyes to realise the bad in the world.

If you have done something wrong and if you are lucky enough to get a second chance, do not waste it. I repeat, DO NOT WASTE IT. Second chances are rarely given and they are so precious, you cannot waste them, trust is already damaged you don’t want to ruin your relationship, friendship, partnership etc. Second chances give you an opportunity to prove yourself to someone, that you aren’t a bad person, you can be trusted and that you are responsible person. “A second chance doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t learnt from your first mistake”. 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog and remember to cherish every second chance you get in life. Thanks for reading xoxo


Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin


Nowadays I think being yourself is hard for people to do because there are so many different distractions that often lead us astray from our real selves. Sadly, most people try hard to change themselves into someone who they are really not, I think because we are surrounded by some many different perceptions of how we should be as a person, we are often confused and misled into what we think is ‘perfect’.

In order, to be your true self you must find yourself and define who you are but you cannot be yourself if you don’t know, understand and accept yourself first. Spend some time thinking about what you truly value and think about what really makes you who you are. Personality tests would probably help you too but don’t let the results define who you really are. Another way to find out more about yourself is perhaps joining a club that you might not always go for because you could learn something new about yourself. If this doesn’t work then you could join a club that you do have interests in because you will have a variety of new people to  meet who also enjoy the same things as you do.

Avoid the things that happened in the past because people grown and change. “The past can hurt but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it”-Rafiki (The Lion King). One of the wrong things to do is define yourself from your past actions now we all make mistakes but you cannot judge yourself from them. You’ve got to accept the mistakes and choices you’ve made; they’re done and in the past. At that moment in time, you had your reasons that made sense to make those decisions so instead of wasting time in regretting the choices you made, allow yourself to learn from it and continue to grow.

Now if you are going to be the real you, there are obviously going to be some people who will judge you and you shouldn’t really care about how people perceive you because if you thought about yourself from other people’s view, you would be always be changing yourself but you will never be able to create the ‘perfect’ you to satisfy everyone. To be yourself, you’ve got to let go of their concerns and not let their thoughts and opinions of you, change who you are. People may offend you but as long as you don’t take their comments in then they cannot interfere within you. I think that a lot of people base themselves on others people’s thoughts but if you do this then you aren’t going to be the real you, people would love and accept you more for the real you rather than the fake you. If you are changing yourself to impress someone then you shouldn’t because they are being impressed by the wrong you and the true you is probably better than the other person you are pretending to be. This person might find out that you are trying to be different in order to impress them, this could lead them to thinking that you are a bad or lying person, which in actual fact you probably aren’t. So to make sure that people aren’t deceived by the wrong person, be yourself and you’ll be accepted and loved more because of that.

To find out more about yourself, you are going to have to be honest and open with yourself. You’ve got nothing to hide, we are all imperfect but learning human beings, so there is nothing to be ashamed of whether it is emotionally or physically because we all have our imperfections. If you feel insecure about yourself then try to change it because it’s not going to get any better and that problem will just keep growing on you, it’ll make you feel better and you’ll know that you can achieve more than you think.

Expressing yourself is a great way in being yourself whether that is learning something new, dancing, singing, painting etc. By expressing your sense of style, you will be able to communicate well. Doing what you love will always result with positive outcomes and by doing that you are going to be living a healthier and happier lifestyle. The better you express yourself, the easier it will be for people to understand you as a person and they are more likely to prefer the real you.

You are never going to be happy if you compare yourself to others because remember there is a thing called Photoshop and you are always going to be deceived of what a real and natural person is. You are always going to see the appearance that people in public would dream of having but in reality that person’s body or hair isn’t real and it has been edited on. Avoid being harsh to yourself because you aren’t a Hollywood star with a life coach who is planning your diet and lifestyle, how are you supposed to be ‘perfect’ when you haven’t got any support. You cannot depend your looks on something that isn’t even real.

Being different to everyone else is an amazing thing and having your own clothing style is great because it truly expresses who you are and your mood. Your clothes really state who you are and it shows everyone your true style. Your fashion sense will show everyone for who you are and people are going to be more attracted for your unique side. People might criticise you for it but don’t let their opinion change you.

This has been one of my longest posts but there are so many things to say about this topic, I hope that you are able to achieve your true self and I’m sure that people will accept you for it. Thanks for reading xoxo

Second Month Celebration!


Even though it is a Sunday, it’s still a day to celebrate because of… MY TWO MONTH CELEBRATION! I’m actually quite surprised that I haven’t stopped writing yet but don’t worry because now that I have been doing this a decent amount of time. I know that I can’t let anyone down even if that is a small amount of great committed readers.

I would like to say that I am very proud of what I do because I know that I am doing some good in the world and I love that it could help people in their lives too. Also I am very thankful for my readers and followers because I don’t think that I’d still be writing if it wasn’t for all of you. Even if you just view one of my posts, it lets me know that someone out there is reading what I am writing and hopefully taking some valuable life information.

Anyway enough of the sappy talk, I am very thankful for all of you reading and I hope that you can continue to enjoy my posts. My usual post will still carry on Wednesday and as per usual, thanks for reading xoxo

Helping Someone with Suicidal Thoughts


Has your friend ever mentioned self harm or suicide? You must take it seriously and if you really think that the person is in danger  then call 999 or poison control centre immediately because their life is more important than their privacy. Life can get so complicated and overwhelming its sometimes hard to imagine that things will get better and most people bounce back, unfortunately some don’t. Suicide is a tragedy that affects all people. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for people younger than 24.

Here’s what to do when you suspect a friend that might have thoughts of suicide.

1.Learn to recognise the dangerous signs- if they talk about themselves being hopeless or they act anxious. If there is a change in their behaviour and they are being withdrawn, there might also be signs that they are sleeping more or less. They might have hard some alcohol or drugs, they might start to give away or sell their belongings.

2. Initiate dialogue in a non judgmental way- sit them down in a comfort and familiar environment also ensure that you can speak privately and freely in this place. Make it obvious how much care you care about them and say that their behaviour is concerning you. If you think they are a danger to themselves then immediately call 999. Get rid of a pills, razor blades and any other dangerous objects because they are lethal weapons in the hands of a person considering suicide.

3. React with feeling- if your friend DOES confide suicidal thoughts, be compassionate and make it known that you are there to listen. Don’t aim to change their mind because they will close up and won’t speak out also don’t try to cause any arguments. Find put what is hurting them and why they want to commit suicide.

4. Shift the focus from sources of pain- by doing this you should go to the resources of treatment because they may be internal demons inside of them and they might need professional help in order to solve those problems. People who have wanted to commit suicide might have had depression, anxiety or other mood disorders but don’t worry because they can diagnosed and treated. Encourage them to seek help and offer to work with them too.

5. Stay connected- once your friend is on the path to recovery, you must make sure that they are okay because some people go backwards and end up where they started. Encourage family and other close friends to check on them during this vulnerable time, this is one of the most important steps and please do your own independent research because you might find different methods to help someone.

You could save a life by reaching out to someone who is in need. Remember most people don’t want to commit suicide, sometimes they just think it’s the easiest way out out things and that it’ll end all their suffering. This is an extremely delicate situation so you have to be really calm when you are around this person. Don’t try to pressure them either because it’ll worry them more and they will feel as they won’t be able to trust you.

I hope you could help someone and that you found this useful. Thanks for reading xoxo