Send Friend Request?


I think that it is important that we all broaden our horizons a little bit, and what a better way to do that than to meet new people and make friends. I think this is because our society is surrounded by so much technology, we forget that we have lacked in the socialising department. We do use a lot of social media sites but what I think that counts is communicating face to face. Not only is it better to spend time with each other face to face, but you also are getting away from technology and creating memories with people that you’ll never forget.

I know that it can be hard to be apart from your laptop, phone etc but it is good for you to spend free time from it and one of the best ways to do this is to meet new people, make friends, explore your town/city etc. We all live in oblivion. We have forgotten that other humans do exist in the real world and that we can meet them in person and actually communicate with them.

If you do go to clubs with other people that have the same common interests as you then you can always start a conversation with them, you’ll never know where you and that person could end up. Approaching people is definitely a confidence booster, as soon as you know you can approach someone and start a conversation with them, you’ll gradually become more confident within yourself. Meeting new people is fun especially if done in an environment you enjoy. One important thing to remember when meeting new people, you shouldn’t be too forceful or have high expectations of them. You two or possible more are gradually getting to know each other and it’s important to show that you can respect them and their decisions when getting to know each other.

A lot of friendships and meeting new people is done over the internet. Some people find it easier to communicate over the internet. I suppose if you or the other person/people are nervous, anxious etc, it might be best to start talking to each other online so that you can kick start your relationship feeling a little more confident than you rather would in person. It is important to meet people in person but I think another way to maintain your friendship when not together would be by using social media. There are pros and cons to using the internet but it is a great way to support each other if you aren’t there with them, to make plans etc. The danger though is when you only talk to each other via social media. It wouldn’t be a healthy relationship, if you two wouldn’t be able to spend time together in the real world. It can be hard to pluck the courage to talk to one another if you are used to talking to each other by text etc. It is important to know that your friendship isn’t going to end up anywhere if neither of you talk to one another, once you do you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable around them. It only gets better from that moment.

I hope that you all experience something new and great everyday of your life. Life is all about learning and living through wonderful moments with different people by your side. Cherish all the people around you and your future family and friends.

Thanks for reading



Welcome to The Internet


Last week, I saw a programme called “Cyberbully”. It is about a teen girl who uses a lot of internet and technology in her life. It has become a big part of everyone’s life. She has been exposed to too much of the internet, she then soon found herself in danger because of her past. An internet troll had hacked into her laptop, details etc. The person then confronted her past, she was provoked to think about it and take action. I would recommend watching it especially if you’re teen. If you have access to 4oD (Channel 4 player) you can watch it there. This programme has inspired today’s blog.

Welcome to the internet, it’s a place full of both good and bad things. It has affected everyone’s lives whether positively or negatively. At this current moment, there are 2,641,817,003 users but this is constantly changing, every minute, every second. Billions of people use the internet in different ways. Socially connecting, shopping, for work, emails and so much more. We are now living in a world where it is impossible for us not to use the internet or technology.

As humans, we have evolved to rely on the internet. I think it is safe to say that we perhaps use it too much and can sometimes get in the way of our everyday lives. We have become so reliant to it, it is hard for the majority of us to reduce or daily usage of it. It can be disappointing at times, that we have become subservient on the web, that we must rely on the something that didn’t exist forty years ago. Why must our generation and the ones to come use the internet as if it were a drug?

There may be a lot of good things about the internet but there quite a lot of bad things that weigh it out. Every teen and child has probably had the “internet safety lecture” by their parents or teachers. You’ve probably heard it so many times that you think that you are now an expert of the internet. You cannot truly say you know what it is like unless you have experienced it yourself. I haven’t experienced anything bad and I hope not but if you have you know what it is like. Whether it was your fault or not, it is still a huge danger and possibly life changing. You don’t what the “internet trolls” are like but stereotypically they are middle aged men targeting teens especially girls. They are geniuses at what they do and it can sometimes be hard to track them down. No one wants to ever experience any internet problems but the way to keep yourself safe is to always know who you are talking to, who you are letting follow you, who you’re friends with etc. Another way by staying safe would to keep all your information safe and to yourself. I may sound like a patronising mother but they are the ways to stay safe.

On the other hand, the internet has brought us so many good things for us. We are now able to connect to people all across the world in a matter of seconds, sometimes I think about how this is even possible. How can we communicate with some thousands of miles away in such a small amount of time? Humanity has changed some much, for the good and bad. The internet has made anything and almost everything accessible from wherever we may in the world. We use it for so many things, it has now become a huge part in our lives. I do admit that I can sometimes be addicted to the internet. It has definitely helped me in many times but maybe not so much in other circumstances.

Hopefully, all of you shall stay safe on the internet.

Thanks for reading


Are We All In A Trap?


You may or may have not noticed but nearly everyone around you or in this world owns something from Apple. You could probably see their logo from a mile away because this company is so common now in this century. Even if you don’t own anything from Apple, I can guarantee that someone close by does because let’s face it, who doesn’t own a gadget from this company nowadays.

Whenever a new item is launched it’s as if some people are in a trap to buy it because of the logo, if it was a Microsoft or Android product, it wouldn’t be as popular and to be honest I don’t why because other company products are just as good as Apple and dare I say it a little better but not many people seem to care. I have to admit it, I do think I am a little in this trap but I am not completely oblivious to any of the other good gadgets in the world too. Whenever you would get an update on your phone, you might find yourself going for an iPhone again, you might have your reasons for it but some people don’t want to try a new format on their phone so they like to continue with Apple.

Don’t get me wrong, Apple is a good company and make great products but sometimes I think people aren’t always aware of what this company are doing. They could launch a new phone, iPod or Mac with the smallest change to the previous one and tons of people would still buy the new product. This I don’t understand because they are essentially taking advantage of you and your wallet. More and more people enjoy their products; because of this, Apple is one of the richest companies in the world with billions and billions of pounds, dollars, euros and other currencies.

This hasn’t been my usual type of blog but I thought I’d try something new and see if you enjoy it. Thanks for reading xoxo

Stop Procrastination!


Be honest, is there something you should be doing right now? Some homework due tomorrow, a stinking pile of clots gradually growing bigger and bigger. You should be doing those things but instead you’re here, reading me lecture you about procrastination. Wait, don’t go away just yet, the next few minutes will probably be the most productive bot of procrastination you have done in your whole life.

Today, I’m going to be giving you some helpful steps on how to stop procrastination. Procrastination is about lying to yourself and telling yourself that you’ll enough time to do it tomorrow when you know you are way behind. When it comes to procrastination you have to trick yourself into getting the job done. So here I go with my steps to help you:

1. Eat an elephant- what I’m saying is you need time to digest or you’re going to make yourself sick. Reward yourself for getting through part of the project rather than waiting to reward yourself after the whole thing is over. Think about that one project that you really need to get out of the way but calm down, instead of letting it overwhelm you, organise it into small manageable sections. Think about what needs to get done and write down how you’re going to tackle the project hour by hour and make it specific by breaking down this project into smaller task. This ‘elephant’ will become less daunting.

2. Pick off the goblins- the hardest part about starting a project is always starting it, a good way to get around this is to start the project with the task you like to do best. When you do something you like, your brain releases dopamines which makes you happy.

3. Ignore the Siren’s song- this step is from Homer’s poem, The Odyssey. Odysseus is trying to get home and that required manoeuvring through the Siren’s (beautiful woman singing luring songs), the sailors that passed would often be lured onto their rocks, instead of Odysseus and his crew being lured by them, he ordered his crew to tie him up to the mast of their ship and for all the rest to plug their ears. No matter how loud he yelled and screamed to head towards the beautiful sirens, the sailors must’ve kept track. Now I’m not saying that you should tie yourself to anything but you should plan to clear any distractions that will hamper your ability to procrastinate later on. If you’re a sucker to the world wide web, have your parents change the internet or WiFi password to keep you on track for studying or whatever you need to get done. The less temptations you give into, the better you will be at getting a high grade.

I hope you found this helpful and that you get your work done, so do it now. Thanks for reading xoxo

Disconnect to Reconnect


The internet is an amazing place but it can be a home of bad things too. You get to stay in tough with everyone you have ever met, you can google random things like yourself which is always fun to see the results but sometimes you need to disconnect. If you’re more concerned about checking your news feed on Facebook rather than talking to your friends right in front of you or trying to get your high score on Flappy Bird instead of crossing the road safely then you need to be more aware of what is happening around you. Today is the day you need to take a step back from technology.

Consistent owners of the newest technology is something that the human race has been doing for a very long time. For example in th 19th century, there was a craze sweeping England called “kaleidoscomania” it was a fancy light telescope that everyone went crazy for. What makes today different? Many teens have access to the latest technology devices. How many of your friends have a smartphone? Odds are that more than half of them do. Are you reading this from a smartphone right now? In 2012,  58% of people between 13 and 17 had a smartphone. The percentage of American teenagers that own a smartphone is greater the the humans on this Earth that own a smartphone! We use the heck out of our phones, the average teen spends 20 hours a week on the internet and that doesn’t even count when we go on Twitter, Instagram etc.


Here are some tips to get you in touch (see what I did there) with the real world:

1. Designate a “No Screen” time- give any of your electrical devices to a parent, guardian or roommate for an hour and tell them not to give it to you no matter how much you beg. Do something you would never do e.g. play a sport, learn a new instrument, visit an art gallery without taking a picture of a painting and posting it on Instagram. You would be amazed how much fun you can have without your device.

2. Do it in person- do what in person? Do everything in person. If you’re sitting three feet away from your friend and you are texting them, put your phone down and have a conversation with them. Human interaction is good for you, humans need need to interact with others every once in a while.

3. Go outside- leave your MP3 player and phone at home, get some fresh air because it will be great for your health and do you some good.

4. Don’t fall asleep with your phone- if you sleep with your phone near you, it’ll tempt you to check if anyone has posted anything new on Twitter before you go to sleep. When you wake up, it will be right there for you to check Twitter again and it will be the first and last thing you see in the morning and night. Get it way from your bed and keep technology and sleep completely separate.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it useful. Even though technology is a great thing, it can also have negative effects on you so make sure you have enough separate time from your electronic devices and you’ll be just fine. Thanks for reading xoxo

Social Medias

Social Media Logotype Background

There are a lot of social medias out there but there are probably more apps popular than others. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and loads more. Everyone of all ages has all these social medias, parents, siblings even some grandparents. We normally spend all of our time on these apps and we’re called “unsociable” but really we are still socialising.

These apps seem to be taking over our lives, I don’t about you but most teens nowadays spend all their time on social medias. Our phone screens are probably the first and last thing we see in the day, checking Twitter in the morning about what’s happening in the world and Instagram late at night when you’re bored and you don’t want to go to sleep. Eventually these will control our lives and they already are a serious addiction to some people.

If we get enough time to plan a day out with our friends because we’re too busy “doing our homework or riding our room” but really we’re just laying in bed, chilling with Facebook and being lazy. Even we friends go all out together you see most of them all on their friends but why? You came out to spend time with them and you just sit with your phone socialising with people around the world.

I’m at a sleepover right now and all that we’re doing is on our phones which I find so funny because I’m sat here writing my blog talking about people being “unsociable”. It’s so fun though if you’re just sitting with your friends and then you just message them and you give them that little smile, if you do this comment below because I’m sure a lot of people do this.

There’s such a wide variety of social medias and they could probably keep us entertained for hours and they normally manage to do this. It’s a really great way to connect with your friends because you get I meet so many new people and you might even meet your old school friends.

I hope you found this blog interesting, let me know what other topics you’d like me to write about. Thanks for reading xoxo