Social Medias

Social Media Logotype Background

There are a lot of social medias out there but there are probably more apps popular than others. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and loads more. Everyone of all ages has all these social medias, parents, siblings even some grandparents. We normally spend all of our time on these apps and we’re called “unsociable” but really we are still socialising.

These apps seem to be taking over our lives, I don’t about you but most teens nowadays spend all their time on social medias. Our phone screens are probably the first and last thing we see in the day, checking Twitter in the morning about what’s happening in the world and Instagram late at night when you’re bored and you don’t want to go to sleep. Eventually these will control our lives and they already are a serious addiction to some people.

If we get enough time to plan a day out with our friends because we’re too busy “doing our homework or riding our room” but really we’re just laying in bed, chilling with Facebook and being lazy. Even we friends go all out together you see most of them all on their friends but why? You came out to spend time with them and you just sit with your phone socialising with people around the world.

I’m at a sleepover right now and all that we’re doing is on our phones which I find so funny because I’m sat here writing my blog talking about people being “unsociable”. It’s so fun though if you’re just sitting with your friends and then you just message them and you give them that little smile, if you do this comment below because I’m sure a lot of people do this.

There’s such a wide variety of social medias and they could probably keep us entertained for hours and they normally manage to do this. It’s a really great way to connect with your friends because you get I meet so many new people and you might even meet your old school friends.

I hope you found this blog interesting, let me know what other topics you’d like me to write about. Thanks for reading xoxo