Stop Procrastination!


Be honest, is there something you should be doing right now? Some homework due tomorrow, a stinking pile of clots gradually growing bigger and bigger. You should be doing those things but instead you’re here, reading me lecture you about procrastination. Wait, don’t go away just yet, the next few minutes will probably be the most productive bot of procrastination you have done in your whole life.

Today, I’m going to be giving you some helpful steps on how to stop procrastination. Procrastination is about lying to yourself and telling yourself that you’ll enough time to do it tomorrow when you know you are way behind. When it comes to procrastination you have to trick yourself into getting the job done. So here I go with my steps to help you:

1. Eat an elephant- what I’m saying is you need time to digest or you’re going to make yourself sick. Reward yourself for getting through part of the project rather than waiting to reward yourself after the whole thing is over. Think about that one project that you really need to get out of the way but calm down, instead of letting it overwhelm you, organise it into small manageable sections. Think about what needs to get done and write down how you’re going to tackle the project hour by hour and make it specific by breaking down this project into smaller task. This ‘elephant’ will become less daunting.

2. Pick off the goblins- the hardest part about starting a project is always starting it, a good way to get around this is to start the project with the task you like to do best. When you do something you like, your brain releases dopamines which makes you happy.

3. Ignore the Siren’s song- this step is from Homer’s poem, The Odyssey. Odysseus is trying to get home and that required manoeuvring through the Siren’s (beautiful woman singing luring songs), the sailors that passed would often be lured onto their rocks, instead of Odysseus and his crew being lured by them, he ordered his crew to tie him up to the mast of their ship and for all the rest to plug their ears. No matter how loud he yelled and screamed to head towards the beautiful sirens, the sailors must’ve kept track. Now I’m not saying that you should tie yourself to anything but you should plan to clear any distractions that will hamper your ability to procrastinate later on. If you’re a sucker to the world wide web, have your parents change the internet or WiFi password to keep you on track for studying or whatever you need to get done. The less temptations you give into, the better you will be at getting a high grade.

I hope you found this helpful and that you get your work done, so do it now. Thanks for reading xoxo