The Celebration of the Dead


Many of you know that Halloween is coming up very soon, it got me thinking about the traditions of this international holiday. One of the main things about Halloween is dressing up and a lot of us dress up as the dead. Halloween is the only time of the year for it to be acceptable to dress up as the dead and to celebrate it. However, in South Mexico and other Catholic countries, Halloween is more commonly known as the Day of the Dead. Yes, you guessed it, it is a day in which the dead are celebrated. The Day of the Dead is a day full of festivals, food and families reuniting.

All around the world, almost everyone celebrates Halloween whether it differentiate from one nation to another. Everyone has their different ways of spending Halloween other it be partying or having a horror film marathon, we all do something different. Something got me thinking is that, we all love to celebrate the dead one specific day but any other day, people are afraid of death. If you were to ask a few people, what one of their greatest fears in their life is, most of them would say that death is what they are most afraid of. Now, if you had asked me that question this time last year, I would have probably said the same thing but now I have realised that death is something that you should not fear. Granted, you are taken away from your family and friends but all good things must come to an end. Death is inevitable and a natural part of the life cycle. Everything and everyone will die, that’s just life.

There is nothing you can do to stop it but you can use your one chance of life and use it well. You can use this chance to fulfil everything you’ve ever wanted to in life. You can control your life and time’ll just run away with you too. If you have been staring at your computer or phone screen for the past few hours, turn it off now and get out there. You only have a limited amount of time, don’t waste it by looking at a screen all your life. Explore a little, do something new, broaden your horizons, you never know what you’ll find! That said, this would be a good time to finish and for the both of us to head out into the world.

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Send Friend Request?


I think that it is important that we all broaden our horizons a little bit, and what a better way to do that than to meet new people and make friends. I think this is because our society is surrounded by so much technology, we forget that we have lacked in the socialising department. We do use a lot of social media sites but what I think that counts is communicating face to face. Not only is it better to spend time with each other face to face, but you also are getting away from technology and creating memories with people that you’ll never forget.

I know that it can be hard to be apart from your laptop, phone etc but it is good for you to spend free time from it and one of the best ways to do this is to meet new people, make friends, explore your town/city etc. We all live in oblivion. We have forgotten that other humans do exist in the real world and that we can meet them in person and actually communicate with them.

If you do go to clubs with other people that have the same common interests as you then you can always start a conversation with them, you’ll never know where you and that person could end up. Approaching people is definitely a confidence booster, as soon as you know you can approach someone and start a conversation with them, you’ll gradually become more confident within yourself. Meeting new people is fun especially if done in an environment you enjoy. One important thing to remember when meeting new people, you shouldn’t be too forceful or have high expectations of them. You two or possible more are gradually getting to know each other and it’s important to show that you can respect them and their decisions when getting to know each other.

A lot of friendships and meeting new people is done over the internet. Some people find it easier to communicate over the internet. I suppose if you or the other person/people are nervous, anxious etc, it might be best to start talking to each other online so that you can kick start your relationship feeling a little more confident than you rather would in person. It is important to meet people in person but I think another way to maintain your friendship when not together would be by using social media. There are pros and cons to using the internet but it is a great way to support each other if you aren’t there with them, to make plans etc. The danger though is when you only talk to each other via social media. It wouldn’t be a healthy relationship, if you two wouldn’t be able to spend time together in the real world. It can be hard to pluck the courage to talk to one another if you are used to talking to each other by text etc. It is important to know that your friendship isn’t going to end up anywhere if neither of you talk to one another, once you do you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable around them. It only gets better from that moment.

I hope that you all experience something new and great everyday of your life. Life is all about learning and living through wonderful moments with different people by your side. Cherish all the people around you and your future family and friends.

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We’ve all had arguments at some point in our lives whether it be a small one or a big one, that may have impacted our lives now. Whatever they are about, there is also a consequence.  Whenever two people or a group of people have different opinions about something, occasionally it can turn into a debate. Whether it is a calm or violent one is the difference.

Some people tend to lose their temper when their opinion isn’t validated which can sometimes cause swearing and possibly other actions. Although because the person cannot keep control at the time of the situation, they tend to regret their actions. Arguments can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Unfortunately, a lot of people have arguments about things for example there has been a lot of disagreements about gay marriage but I won’t go into depth with that topic.

I have witnessed arguments; the main cause of them is bitching. If you’re a girl, then you will understand. I don’t know why girls talk about each other behind each other’s backs but it just seems to come naturally. We begin judging others at a young age, mostly because of jealousy. Unfortunately, many of us girls do find it hard to not have an argument but I prefer not to start anything because I think that arguments are pointless and just results with you having more enemies.

I don’t know what the situation is like with boys when they have arguments but what I have seen is that the boys have a fight and that is the end of it. Sometimes, I wish girls could get things over and done like this, you also get to realise all your anger too. I’m assuming boys would argue over something like who’s the best football team or other sport team, a girl that everyone wants to go out with or if someone has been bad mouthing their family. You may not think it but I’ve seen that when someone one boy insults another boy’s family, they do get easily annoyed. Most of the time, the guy being offended will punch etc the other person.

Debates can sometimes be constructed in a sensible manner. In some particular school subjects, we have debates for example we had one about whether capital punishment should be illegal or legal? When we have debates about topics like this, we are split into two sides (for or against the statement). Each side has a turn to make a point that they think is important, it can get frustrating when you disagree with the opposing side because you cannot scream or shout at them as we may in other arguments.

Hopefully, today’s blog has made you seen arguments in a different light. Next Wednesday is Christmas Eve so I’ll be writing a Christmas Special!

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“Fate Is A One Way Street”

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 17.40.50

Recently, my friend brought up the topic of fate, so I decided to write about that today. Thanks to her for inspiring today’s blog (you know who you are).

Many people may or may not believe in fate but personally I believe in it. Some may say that fate is a one way street which you can only follow in one direction. Although fate doesn’t choose where you end up, it guides you in life to the right path and only you are in control of what you do whether you decide to follow fate or not.

If you too also believe in fate, you may deem that it lead to you to your friends. It chose to cross yours and their path for a reason whether you two may become or create something extraordinary. Whatever fate hands you, make use of it because everything in this life happens for a reason whether you may think it is a bad or good decision.

Fate doesn’t ask you what you want, it knows what is best for you even if you don’t. Sometimes it takes time for you to even realise what you want but as long as you end up making the right decision, that’s all that matters. You might see these moments in films, when a woman or man realises their ex was truly their love, they then rush to find them, fall back in love etc. Fate kind of works like that in some circumstances, you have to be in a certain frame of mind to understand what you want in life, whatever it is.

Stop for a moment and just think, how did you end up meeting your friends or partner? Do you think it was fate, destiny or just luck?

I hope you enjoyed this blog and that I left you thinking about your life in a different perspective.

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Can Money Buy Happiness?


You have probably heard this question a lot. Many people will say that money can’t buy happiness but there has been some research; in some circumstances, money can buy happiness. It seems to me that most people revolve their entire life around money. I hate that this world has to be lead by pieces of paper because there are so many more valuable things in life.

“The love of money is the root of all evil”- Michael Jackson. This was spoken by one of the most famous men on Earth, unfortunately he couldn’t buy more time with the money he had. Some people can’t seem to understand this, they waste so much time to try and get as much money as they can. There are some horrible solutions in order to get cash and sadly some people would go to extremes for wealth.

A lot of people compete in the lottery, in order to win a large sum of money. Some of the winners hit headlines because they have wasted their money on alcohol and drugs. This is obviously the wrong way to spend your winnings but the best way to get happiness out of your money is to spend it on others because by seeing other people gain something good also has a positive impact on you too. Another way to use your money wisely is to spend it on experiences rather than material things. Over time, objects lose their value and financially too. Reliving your experiences brings more happiness.

If you think about the only reason we are educated is to get a job and in the long run, get as much money as we can. I know we can’t survive without money but some people get too obsessed with it and that’s what I don’t like about it. Too many people get sucked into the trap of money.

I apologise that this week’s blog was a little delayed but I needed time to think about what to write. I hope you enjoyed this blog and don’t get too caught up with money. Thanks for reading xoxo

“Your Time is Limited”


The title was once spoken by a wise man by unfortunately his time ran out in 2011. If any of you don’t know who spoke these words, it was Steve Jobs. One of the most successful men in the world but still didn’t have all the time in the world. A lot of people take time for granted and are very wasteful of it but to others it is precious. Sadly, people’s times can be limited but what you shouldn’t forget is to embrace that moment with that person or people because you won’t be able to relive that moment again.

A lot of people wish to be rich, own billions of pounds, dollars etc, be famous and so much more but what we take for granted is, yes you guessed it, time. No matter, how many things you possess whether it be a fancy car or something of less price, these material items don’t extend our lives. Remember that whatever you may own might not be as good as others but you may have more time in your life than them. Time cannot be bought, so don’t ever forget that. For example, if a billionaire was diagnosed with an incurable disease, their money couldn’t buy them a longer life. Whatever financial state you are, don’t worry because we all end up the same way, our time will come one day.

Don’t waste your time on something pointless because whatever you are doing might not affect your future like whether you should of had your hair straight or curly for school. Small things like that are wasteful of time, don’t bother over things like that, do what you are supposed to be doing and make use of your time. Who cares of what others think of you, do what you think is best for you; what will eventually help you out in the future because people who judge others that are careful with their time are usually the ones who have wasted precious moments in their life.

A song inspired me to write about this, some of you may have heard it. The song is called “The Chronicles Of Life and Death” by Good Charlotte. If you haven’t heard it, I recommend you do because the lyrics in this song, is the message I want to send out plus the band are really good! The song basically outlines our lives hence the name and it is one of the best songs I have heard with a great message.

“Time is free but priceless. You can’t keep it but you can spend it. Once you have lost it, you can never get it back.” This quote pretty much sums it up. Sometimes I sit in class and daydream about how much time I have wasted in life already but then I encourage myself to grasp onto every moment I have in school or as a teen outside of school because I already regret wasting my childhood and I can’t afford to waste my teen years. Hold onto every moment you can. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, make that moment perfect. Take time today to appreciate someone you would usually take for granted because time could catch up to them any day.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this blog and hopefully grasped the message I am trying to send across. Thanks for reading xoxo

Embrace the Little Things in Life

Some of may be wondering why I didn’t write a blog on Wednesday and the reason is because I was on holiday and unfortunately I wasn’t able to access any Wi-Fi so I had to postpone my blog until I got back and from the title you can probably guess what I’m going to write about this also ties in nicely with the holiday I’ve had with my friend, her family and I.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 18.41.28

If any of you have gone to Hastings then you’ll probably know where I took this picture but if you haven’t been there or even heard of this place, this was taken on East Cliff and let me tell you, the view was amazing and because it was such a hot day, the wind on top of the cliff was perfect. My friend and I took a few pictures, embraced the view and then went to the field behind us, we had an ice cream and we just lay on the grass, talked and watched the clouds go by. Even just doing this on a holiday may sound like you are wasting your time but you aren’t. Enjoying whatever you are doing, wherever you are and taking the whole day into consideration is embracing the precious, rare moments in life. I already miss the view and being able not to have a care in the world for a few days and to just enjoy the sea breeze. Luckily, it’s the summer holiday now but I fear that I’m going to spend all my time on the internet so my aim for this summer is to spend as little time on tech this season.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 13.41.22

One day when it was a little more cloudier, we paddled in the sea and because we both love to climb and explore we found the East Cliff and decided to climb it. We gradually got higher and found a mini cave and a big rock that we both could sit on. We sat there, watched the waves crash, the seagulls fly around and we listened to our music. It was a nice, relaxed afternoon and once again these are the kind of moments in life you want to cherish and remember forever because these are the little things in life that can mean so much and benefit us in many ways.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 13.54.19

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 13.58.40

We spent one evening playing mini golf, which was good fun. The courses we played were ‘Adventure Golf’ and the classic ‘Crazy Golf’. The evening was well spent and after all we got to practise our golf skills. I did manage to putt a hole-in-one twice and I was very proud of myself!

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 13.49.46

Another day, we spent it doing a little bit of shopping, sipping slushies on the beach, enjoying the sun, playing more golf and just relaxing on the beach. It was a good day and I hope that everyone can experience these kind of days during the holidays because it’s something you can’t miss and it is always good to have an easy day and chill with your best friend.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I apologise for the delay. I hope you all enjoy your summer holidays and spend your days well. Thanks for reading xoxo