How To Survive Secondary School/High School

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 Whether you have been to secondary school/high school yet or not, you could use these tips for yourself or pass them onto younger siblings etc. Depending which country you live in, the school system will be different to other countries. Secondary school and high school usually consist of pre-teens and mid-teens. Without further ado, I shall commence with the school tips.

Making friends:

It might sound harder than you think but by simply talking to people in your classes and form and by giving off the right first impression, you should be able to make more friends by doing this. Another good way is to join a club in or outside of school which leads me onto my next point.

Joining clubs:

You don’t have to attend a club in school but a positive to joining one in school is that you’ll meet more people in your class or year and hopefully build a friendship with them. Another good thing when joining a club is that it is an extra skill for you which could help with your school work. It can also be something to put on your CV when applying for a job.

Don’t make enemies:

Enemies aren’t good in any situation of life but especially during your school life through your teens. Holding grudges against people is only an extra weight for you to drag along with you everyday. It’s best not to have any enemies because you don’t know when they’ll spring back on you. As long as you are fair, kind, considerate, loyal and honest with all your friends and people around you, you shouldn’t have any problems with anyone.

Participating in lessons:

Putting your hand up or volunteering in class can sometimes be a little embarrassing but there is no harm in trying. Despite whether you get the answer right or wrong, you will learn from what you do. It may even help you when revising that topic because you can back track to that memory from when you were in class. As you start to volunteer more in class, it will also boost your confidence and give your teacher a good impression that you are a hard working student.

Stay on top of your homework:

You may not enjoy it or want to do it, but the quicker you get it done, the better it will be for you and you’ll also be able to relax and enjoy the rest of evening or weekend! You won’t have any teachers constantly on your back or giving you detentions, make it easier for yourself and get it all done.

Don’t rush with people:

When making new friends, you don’t want to rush the person into a friendship with you because you may not get to know each other as well. It’s important to give them time and to give yourself time, it’s best to slowly build your friendship up rather than to rush into something that might not have a happy ending. Don’t put pressure onto them as you wouldn’t want them to put pressure onto you.

I may create another post similar to this if I’m able to think of more tips and tricks. I hope you enjoyed this blog and that you have a good week!

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There are a lot of stresses over school, bullying, homework, boys and lots of other things. At this stage in school life, I’m at the point where I have to pick my GCSEs and its a very hard decision because there is a variety of different things to do. If you are are at this stage too, let me know in the comments what you’re thinking of taking.

Homework was and still is always annoying to get out of the way because you get so much to do in little time, teachers don’t realise that we have social lives. If you were like me and always left homework to the night before, don’t do this because you don’t put as much effort as you would in the daytime, it also means that you get less sleep which means you wake up grumpy, as if Mondays weren’t bad enough! I would plan my homework schedule out and make sure there are breaks too because you don’t want to be doing it the whole day. Make sure you balance it out with your social life, you can’t be stuck in your room all day. This is a great way of getting into a habit and getting things in on time.

A lot of girls in school, feel the need to come in high skirts, face full of make up etc in order to impress boys. School isn’t a place to meet boys, you go to school to learn. You can’t go to school looking like a supermodel so just tone it down with the make up. If you’re lucky enough to find someone, then that’s great but don’t feel as if you HAVE to get a boyfriend in school. At this time in your life you don’t really need to concentrate on boys, just study hard and worry about them later in your life.

Bullying is also another thing at school, if you seem a little different or you don’t fit in as well for some reason these bullies pick on you but there is no logic to this because no one should be the same, just imagine if everyone was the same! Bullies are probably the ones that used to be picked on for being different and they feel that they have to make everyone else suffer.”Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”- Oscar Wilde. If you want to read more about this, then just click on the link to my blog about bullying:

I hope that you enjoyed my blog about school life and that you can relate to some of these things. Thanks for reading.

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