Feminism is for Everyone.


A lot people don’t quite understand feminism. They think that it is when women over power, this isn’t the case. Feminism is when both men and women fight for equality rights. Some people say that women now have too many rights, in some parts of the world and still in more developed countries women aren’t being treated with the same rights as men.

Many famous women have spoken out for this gender. However, sexism is still present within the 21st century. At a young age, society teaches children how girls and boys should look and how they should act. We are taught at a young age that girls should wear dresses, make up, like fancy shoes etc. Boys are also taught that they must be strong, “manly”, that they shouldn’t  show their feelings or cry otherwise they won’t be manly enough.

Some expressions that I really hate are “you throw like a girl” or “just because you’re a girl”. So many guys use these, it really annoys me and it just encourages me even more to prove them wrong and that I as a girl can do something to a good standard and beat them at something. They don’t realise what it does to a girl’s mind. Society shows girls are only good for cooking, housework, sleeping with men etc. It sickens me that even now in this day and age, this still hasn’t been sorted out.

All over media, women are shown and often used as sex objects. They are shown that they have no feelings or emotions and that we have less power than a male in a relationship. There are many strong women in this world who have shown and proven that we can do something and achieve something for ourselves. The media shows that women should be slim, tall, be a certain weight etc. However, media has changed and now tells us that having curves is beautiful. What every little girl and boy should be taught at a young age is that any body size or shape is amazing and that their’s is too.

Gradually, women are getting the equality we want and deserve. I sometimes wonder why are we treated differently, so many women in the past have shown we are just as capable as men. During the Second World War, while men were out fighting, women were left at home to look after the houses, cook for a family, clean a house, work at factories, farms and to keep their country on it’s two feet. We are strong and capable. Even young women have shown that we are. Malala Yousafzai fought for women’s right to an education in Pakistan, she was unfortunately shoot by the Taliban but she luckily managed to recover from her wound and she still pursues her beliefs out women’s rights.

Society tells boys that they shouldn’t hit a girl back. Abusing anyone is not right. Hitting girls isn’t fair because we are “weak” but we are just as capable and strong as boys. Being tough, doesn’t make you any less of a woman. All stereotypes should be erased, they are a false perspective of a person or a group of people.

Feminism isn’t female supremacy, feminism is female equality in all aspects of our lives.

I hope you have understood the small section of what it is like to be a girl and can hopefully understand why we fight for equality.

Thanks for reading





I’ve noticed that some of my friends have been recently going into relationships and others have been ending some. There are so many ups and downs in relationships but there are also so many good things that can come out of them. They can also teach you things that would help you in future relationships. Unfortunately, people can be involved in abusive or unhealthy relationships but others find happy, healthy and long-lasting ones.

Now my past relationships haven’t been great because I’m still a teen but I have learnt a thing or two from them. You shouldn’t go into a relationship because you feel pressured to, do things that only you want to and feel comfortable doing after all you are going to be the one dealing with the aggro. Communication is a very big part in relationships too but I didn’t have much of that in my previous one so that didn’t work but in order for your relationship to work you MUST talk to each other because a lot of things could go wrong and lead to arguments.

Before you go into a relationship, think about how you feel towards the person. Do you trust that person? Can you trust them? If your answers to them are yes then there’s a chance that you two could have an honest relationship but it’s not only how you feel, their opinion always counts to. You cannot have a reliable bond if you can’t both trust each other. Most relationships are built on trust and without it you’ll have a slim chance of having an honest and open relationship.

Abusive relationships often lack respect and equality, over the past decades women have become equal to men but some men still don’t give women respect. It can leave the woman in the relationship feeling worthless which allows the man to abuse her and it ends up for the woman to accept it because she thinks she isn’t worth the fight. If there are any signs in your relationship please don’t feel that there is no one out there for you or that you have no voice. There are a lot of help lines that can help you and I’m sure your family and friends could help you too. Don’t feel that you are vulnerable because you are stronger than you think and you are capable to end the relationship and find the right person for you that will treat you right and respect you.

Aside from the negatives in relationships, there are also a lot of positives in them. The days that you can spend together either chilling or having a fun-filled day, no matter what each other’s company is the best. It can also give you a positive attitude towards life because even their presence brightens up your day. It’s sometimes difficult though if you are in a long distance relationship but as long as you have a strong, honest bond and that you two can meet up often then I’m sure you’ll have a good relationship together. Being together with someone is also good because you realise that someone is out there that cares for you and it’s just a nice feeling to have when at the end of the day you can talk to that special someone.

Whoever you’re in a relationship whether they’re the same gender as you or not. You can still date even if people don’t accept your homosexuality. You will find out who your true friends are and which family members can support you in any of your decisions. I think its very important to take small steps when you’re telling people about who you interested in and it will take time for them to accept it but as long as they can respect you and your decisions then you’re lucky to have supportive and caring people around you.

Often when teens are in relationships, our parents can get involved too. Sometimes there are bad and good things but I’m sure the majority of teens would say it’s mostly bad. I remember I’d find it embarrassing and a little awkward when my mum would ask if I had any boyfriends. When I have children, I’d like to know if my children would have a girlfriend or boyfriend but I think I would try not to make it embarrassing for them because I’d know what they would be going through. If my children would have different gender preferences, I would respect their decision and let them know that I’d be there to help them and support them because I wouldn’t want them to think that they can’t speak out or talk to me honestly.

Friends can come between relationships too and it isn’t because of a good reason. They can tell how you’re feeling if you’ve been acting differently since your relationship started and they’re normally right. There are a few sayings, for the boys “Bros before hoes” and for girls “Mates before dates” these are true, think about your partner. Are they worth more than your friends who have stuck by you? Do you want to lose your loyal friends over someone who is perhaps just a teen crush because most of the time, you’d think the partner is more important but in a matter of fact your friends are more important. There is a statistic that you lose 2-3 close friends during a relationship. I think this is true because one of my friends is in a relationship and the other person has often disrespected my friend. Another friend and I feel that we aren’t as close to her as we used to be because of our friend’s relationship but I think she is starting to see sense and I hope she realises what she needs in a relationship.

I hope you found this blog interesting and I hope that you have a good relationships in your future. Thanks for reading xoxo