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I think that it is important that we all broaden our horizons a little bit, and what a better way to do that than to meet new people and make friends. I think this is because our society is surrounded by so much technology, we forget that we have lacked in the socialising department. We do use a lot of social media sites but what I think that counts is communicating face to face. Not only is it better to spend time with each other face to face, but you also are getting away from technology and creating memories with people that you’ll never forget.

I know that it can be hard to be apart from your laptop, phone etc but it is good for you to spend free time from it and one of the best ways to do this is to meet new people, make friends, explore your town/city etc. We all live in oblivion. We have forgotten that other humans do exist in the real world and that we can meet them in person and actually communicate with them.

If you do go to clubs with other people that have the same common interests as you then you can always start a conversation with them, you’ll never know where you and that person could end up. Approaching people is definitely a confidence booster, as soon as you know you can approach someone and start a conversation with them, you’ll gradually become more confident within yourself. Meeting new people is fun especially if done in an environment you enjoy. One important thing to remember when meeting new people, you shouldn’t be too forceful or have high expectations of them. You two or possible more are gradually getting to know each other and it’s important to show that you can respect them and their decisions when getting to know each other.

A lot of friendships and meeting new people is done over the internet. Some people find it easier to communicate over the internet. I suppose if you or the other person/people are nervous, anxious etc, it might be best to start talking to each other online so that you can kick start your relationship feeling a little more confident than you rather would in person. It is important to meet people in person but I think another way to maintain your friendship when not together would be by using social media. There are pros and cons to using the internet but it is a great way to support each other if you aren’t there with them, to make plans etc. The danger though is when you only talk to each other via social media. It wouldn’t be a healthy relationship, if you two wouldn’t be able to spend time together in the real world. It can be hard to pluck the courage to talk to one another if you are used to talking to each other by text etc. It is important to know that your friendship isn’t going to end up anywhere if neither of you talk to one another, once you do you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable around them. It only gets better from that moment.

I hope that you all experience something new and great everyday of your life. Life is all about learning and living through wonderful moments with different people by your side. Cherish all the people around you and your future family and friends.

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Stop Judging


I’ve noticed that a lot of people judge each other especially teens. To be honest, I don’t really know why people do this, do we gain anything from it? The only reason I can think of is it that when we judge people we assume the better looking people can achieve more and are just overall better people. In actual fact, by doing this we are normally wrong but because it is a habit, we cannot get out of it. There are so many stereotypes that we often base our judgements on that person’s specific stereotype.

Unfortunately, some people always judge and can never get out of the ‘routine’. It doesn’t help you in life so if you think you are a judgmental person then you need to get out of that habit because it isn’t going to impact you in a good way. I’ve recognised that a lot of people in my school judge each other and this often causes a lot arguments. Even after these arguments happen, the people still decide to do what they do. I think even after multiple times of having arguments with people won’t open their eyes to what they do, something big would have to happen for them to realise what they do.

Judging has a bad outcome and that is missing some people with amazing qualities. Just imagine if you are criticising a new person that joins your school, you don’t have a clue about who they are or their personality. You may judge them on their name, race, religion, looks or something else but the point you are missing is that person is a loyal, trustworthy and fun persona and because of your judgemental nature, you have missed a great friend and possibly a life long best friend. Before you ever judge someone, put yourself into their shoes, if you were new somewhere or looking for a new group of friends etc would you want to be judged on your looks or past decisions. If you had ever made a bad decision in your past and you were judged for that, would you ever get anywhere in life?

I don’t know if I have ever been judged by others but I know friends that have been by other people. I can tell you that being judged isn’t the best feeling in the world and it consistently feels like that you are being overlooked by someone else. I can’t even imagine feeling like this, walking into school or your job area and feeling like that a specific group of people are always talking about you. If a group of people are criticising you, it’s probably because they are jealous of something you have or can do. You should be reassured that people aren’t judging you but that they are envying you because that lets you know you are doing well with your life and that you pursue a living that people envy.

When you try to find new friends or become part of a new friendship group, the people should accept you even if you have something wrong in your past. I can assure you that all of the people in that group have done something wrong, you shouldn’t worry about your past because that is in the PAST and if bad things have happened then they should be forgotten like everyone else has forgotten their bad past. If the people in that group are judging you then they aren’t the right people to make friends with.


If you haven’t seen this film, Beauty and The Beast, then you need to watch it. If you have seen the film then you know that this picture perfecting represents why you shouldn’t judge people. Under everyone’s looks, they could have the best personality without you realising but you have to get to know them before you judge them.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s blog and continue to enjoy my posts! Thanks for reading xoxo



Trust is a very big, important thing and it is so precious because it’s very easy to break it and it’s really hard to gain back. You have to be very careful with it, it plays a very big part in everyday life with your family and friends. “Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.” -Oxford Dictionary.

Trust is a very big test in any relationship and it shows how strong your relationship is with you and the other person. It is a key to any relationship because it allows you to trust the other person and you can open up to them without having to worry if everyone else will find out the next day. Trusting the other person will really build your relationship up and strengthen it. It is the glue of any relationship because think about it if you didn’t trust the other person, why would have you got together with them?

Developing trust from when you first meet someone is really important because it also counts as first impressions and by gaining their trust, you have to be honest with them, you have got to try to show them by being sincere with what you say to them and how you act towards them. Otherwise they’ll be unsure as whether you are trustworthy or not. By becoming closer friends, your trust will have got stronger and will have helped you in gaining their trust and developing your friendship etc. You have to be careful because this can be easily broken and it’s hard to gain back.

Whatever has happened to lead for someone not trusting you, you have to fix it because if you don’t the other person might think that you don’t care about them or your relationship, friendship with them (only do this if you’re in the wrong). Tell them how you really feel about the situation you’re both in because it could let them know that you are really sorry and this is one of the first steps in building back up your trust with them.

Now, it’s not going to be easy because nothing worth having comes easy and by showing the other person, you’ll do whatever it takes to gain their trust again, it’ll prove to them that you care about them and about your relationship together. This will probably take a while but let time heal it and it will get better but you just need to take it easy because they other person might not feel as ready as you are. You need to be patient with them, this will also show how willing you are to become close with them again. Soon after that, hopefully they will trust you again. Did you know that having an argument with someone and then coming back together shows, how strong your relationship is with them and that you can handle any situation with them?

I hope you found this blog helpful and that this kind of thing doesn’t happen to you but if it does think of it as a lesson to you and see what you have learnt from it because it’ll help you in the future. Thanks for reading xoxo