We’ve all had arguments at some point in our lives whether it be a small one or a big one, that may have impacted our lives now. Whatever they are about, there is also a consequence.  Whenever two people or a group of people have different opinions about something, occasionally it can turn into a debate. Whether it is a calm or violent one is the difference.

Some people tend to lose their temper when their opinion isn’t validated which can sometimes cause swearing and possibly other actions. Although because the person cannot keep control at the time of the situation, they tend to regret their actions. Arguments can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Unfortunately, a lot of people have arguments about things for example there has been a lot of disagreements about gay marriage but I won’t go into depth with that topic.

I have witnessed arguments; the main cause of them is bitching. If you’re a girl, then you will understand. I don’t know why girls talk about each other behind each other’s backs but it just seems to come naturally. We begin judging others at a young age, mostly because of jealousy. Unfortunately, many of us girls do find it hard to not have an argument but I prefer not to start anything because I think that arguments are pointless and just results with you having more enemies.

I don’t know what the situation is like with boys when they have arguments but what I have seen is that the boys have a fight and that is the end of it. Sometimes, I wish girls could get things over and done like this, you also get to realise all your anger too. I’m assuming boys would argue over something like who’s the best football team or other sport team, a girl that everyone wants to go out with or if someone has been bad mouthing their family. You may not think it but I’ve seen that when someone one boy insults another boy’s family, they do get easily annoyed. Most of the time, the guy being offended will punch etc the other person.

Debates can sometimes be constructed in a sensible manner. In some particular school subjects, we have debates for example we had one about whether capital punishment should be illegal or legal? When we have debates about topics like this, we are split into two sides (for or against the statement). Each side has a turn to make a point that they think is important, it can get frustrating when you disagree with the opposing side because you cannot scream or shout at them as we may in other arguments.

Hopefully, today’s blog has made you seen arguments in a different light. Next Wednesday is Christmas Eve so I’ll be writing a Christmas Special!

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You know that feeling in your stomach, it’s called jealousy, and there are mixed emotions which are fear and anxiety. It’s when you feel threatened by someone else prettier or smarter than you, this sometimes cause you to do something stupid and embarrassing just to gain control that will usually hurt other people. This familiar feeling is also known as the “green eyed monster”. Jealousy is a first person emotion and it comes from a place called insecurity which can affect you and the others around you. The bottom line is that jealousy isn’t about the other person, it’s about you, make sure that your friends and loved ones don’t get caught up in all of this.

I’m going to give you three coping tips and how to handle jealousy from ruining your relationships and making you look stupid in public. You’re not alone because everyone is jealous once in a while. Studies show babies as young as six months even get jealous when their mother interacts with other babies. It’s completely natural for you to feel jealous because everyone wants to be loved and valued not ignored. Even when you think you have matured and that you’re childish we’re still child like vent when we are jealous. The more jealous you are, the less you are to empathise with people. When you’re jealous, you’re more easily distracted and less able to perform simple memory games. Here are the three steps:

1. Acknowledge- you have to admit it. You’re jealous and you can’t run away from your feelings, addressing it can help keep it under control and from taking over your mind. Say if you’re friends when to the cinema and didn’t invite you, its okay to be a little dramatic. Think what exactly is making you jealous and why.

2. Communicate- all your embarrassing thoughts will soon be forgotten about. Don’t have an imaginary argument in your head with your friends because over thinking will just make matters worse. Tell your friends how you feel and apologise if you overreacted because you might have and remember to be honest. Make it clear that you are expressing your feelings by using “I” statements to ensure that they understand you. To get over it, stop thinking about yourself all the time and think from someone else’s point of view.

3. Resolve- this will probably be the hardest part for you because you’ll have to listen to your friends and they might say that you were overreacting which could be right.

Jealousy isn’t always bad, it can sometimes encourage you to try harder because if someone got full marks in a test and you were jealous, you would study harder and it would result in you learning more. If in a relationship and your partner is jealous that is good because you know that they are faithful to you and that no one else has their attention but jealousy is love and hate at the same time. “Jealousy is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of your own”.

I hope that this blog can help you and remember to be grateful for what you have and not what others have. Thanks for reading xoxo