The Celebration of the Dead


Many of you know that Halloween is coming up very soon, it got me thinking about the traditions of this international holiday. One of the main things about Halloween is dressing up and a lot of us dress up as the dead. Halloween is the only time of the year for it to be acceptable to dress up as the dead and to celebrate it. However, in South Mexico and other Catholic countries, Halloween is more commonly known as the Day of the Dead. Yes, you guessed it, it is a day in which the dead are celebrated. The Day of the Dead is a day full of festivals, food and families reuniting.

All around the world, almost everyone celebrates Halloween whether it differentiate from one nation to another. Everyone has their different ways of spending Halloween other it be partying or having a horror film marathon, we all do something different. Something got me thinking is that, we all love to celebrate the dead one specific day but any other day, people are afraid of death. If you were to ask a few people, what one of their greatest fears in their life is, most of them would say that death is what they are most afraid of. Now, if you had asked me that question this time last year, I would have probably said the same thing but now I have realised that death is something that you should not fear. Granted, you are taken away from your family and friends but all good things must come to an end. Death is inevitable and a natural part of the life cycle. Everything and everyone will die, that’s just life.

There is nothing you can do to stop it but you can use your one chance of life and use it well. You can use this chance to fulfil everything you’ve ever wanted to in life. You can control your life and time’ll just run away with you too. If you have been staring at your computer or phone screen for the past few hours, turn it off now and get out there. You only have a limited amount of time, don’t waste it by looking at a screen all your life. Explore a little, do something new, broaden your horizons, you never know what you’ll find! That said, this would be a good time to finish and for the both of us to head out into the world.

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Embrace the Little Things in Life

Some of may be wondering why I didn’t write a blog on Wednesday and the reason is because I was on holiday and unfortunately I wasn’t able to access any Wi-Fi so I had to postpone my blog until I got back and from the title you can probably guess what I’m going to write about this also ties in nicely with the holiday I’ve had with my friend, her family and I.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 18.41.28

If any of you have gone to Hastings then you’ll probably know where I took this picture but if you haven’t been there or even heard of this place, this was taken on East Cliff and let me tell you, the view was amazing and because it was such a hot day, the wind on top of the cliff was perfect. My friend and I took a few pictures, embraced the view and then went to the field behind us, we had an ice cream and we just lay on the grass, talked and watched the clouds go by. Even just doing this on a holiday may sound like you are wasting your time but you aren’t. Enjoying whatever you are doing, wherever you are and taking the whole day into consideration is embracing the precious, rare moments in life. I already miss the view and being able not to have a care in the world for a few days and to just enjoy the sea breeze. Luckily, it’s the summer holiday now but I fear that I’m going to spend all my time on the internet so my aim for this summer is to spend as little time on tech this season.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 13.41.22

One day when it was a little more cloudier, we paddled in the sea and because we both love to climb and explore we found the East Cliff and decided to climb it. We gradually got higher and found a mini cave and a big rock that we both could sit on. We sat there, watched the waves crash, the seagulls fly around and we listened to our music. It was a nice, relaxed afternoon and once again these are the kind of moments in life you want to cherish and remember forever because these are the little things in life that can mean so much and benefit us in many ways.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 13.54.19

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 13.58.40

We spent one evening playing mini golf, which was good fun. The courses we played were ‘Adventure Golf’ and the classic ‘Crazy Golf’. The evening was well spent and after all we got to practise our golf skills. I did manage to putt a hole-in-one twice and I was very proud of myself!

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 13.49.46

Another day, we spent it doing a little bit of shopping, sipping slushies on the beach, enjoying the sun, playing more golf and just relaxing on the beach. It was a good day and I hope that everyone can experience these kind of days during the holidays because it’s something you can’t miss and it is always good to have an easy day and chill with your best friend.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I apologise for the delay. I hope you all enjoy your summer holidays and spend your days well. Thanks for reading xoxo