How To Survive Secondary School/High School

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 Whether you have been to secondary school/high school yet or not, you could use these tips for yourself or pass them onto younger siblings etc. Depending which country you live in, the school system will be different to other countries. Secondary school and high school usually consist of pre-teens and mid-teens. Without further ado, I shall commence with the school tips.

Making friends:

It might sound harder than you think but by simply talking to people in your classes and form and by giving off the right first impression, you should be able to make more friends by doing this. Another good way is to join a club in or outside of school which leads me onto my next point.

Joining clubs:

You don’t have to attend a club in school but a positive to joining one in school is that you’ll meet more people in your class or year and hopefully build a friendship with them. Another good thing when joining a club is that it is an extra skill for you which could help with your school work. It can also be something to put on your CV when applying for a job.

Don’t make enemies:

Enemies aren’t good in any situation of life but especially during your school life through your teens. Holding grudges against people is only an extra weight for you to drag along with you everyday. It’s best not to have any enemies because you don’t know when they’ll spring back on you. As long as you are fair, kind, considerate, loyal and honest with all your friends and people around you, you shouldn’t have any problems with anyone.

Participating in lessons:

Putting your hand up or volunteering in class can sometimes be a little embarrassing but there is no harm in trying. Despite whether you get the answer right or wrong, you will learn from what you do. It may even help you when revising that topic because you can back track to that memory from when you were in class. As you start to volunteer more in class, it will also boost your confidence and give your teacher a good impression that you are a hard working student.

Stay on top of your homework:

You may not enjoy it or want to do it, but the quicker you get it done, the better it will be for you and you’ll also be able to relax and enjoy the rest of evening or weekend! You won’t have any teachers constantly on your back or giving you detentions, make it easier for yourself and get it all done.

Don’t rush with people:

When making new friends, you don’t want to rush the person into a friendship with you because you may not get to know each other as well. It’s important to give them time and to give yourself time, it’s best to slowly build your friendship up rather than to rush into something that might not have a happy ending. Don’t put pressure onto them as you wouldn’t want them to put pressure onto you.

I may create another post similar to this if I’m able to think of more tips and tricks. I hope you enjoyed this blog and that you have a good week!

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Peer Pressure


I apologise for not writing my blog last week, I had an unexpected shift at work but no need to dwell on that. Today I have chosen to write about peer pressure as this was previously brought up earlier in the week and I think this is a reason as to why teens choose to do what they do.

Most teens are peer pressured to do something or try something new, in some cases the person being pressured wants to try whatever they are being pressured into and sometimes use the pressure as an excuse. Friends can sometimes encourage you to do bad things like smoke, drink, commit crimes etc. If your friends do pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable then you should know when to tell them to stop and perhaps you shouldn’t talk to them anymore. If they push your boundaries and don’t  know when to stop, then you should tell them and put them in their place. No one should ever make you feel awkward or uncomfortable in a situation especially a friend. You know where the line is and if it’s necessary, you should have to tell them.

Occasionally, people will give into peer pressure because they want to fit in with everyone else. Some people think being different is bad and that we should all be the same but that makes life boring. Another reason why people may give in is because people are afraid to lose their friends. If they were your real friends, they would respect and understand when they have crossed the line. You shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed to say no. You don’t have to be in a situation where you feel awkward, everyone has limits whether they are stronger than others, no one’s self respect should be taken away. “Good friends will respect your individuality”. 

The media can sometimes also affect peer pressure. More and more things are becoming acceptable in magazines, on the TV etc, women and men’s bodies are being exposed more. I think because of this, teens think it is okay to push people to their limits and beyond. They don’t realise how people feel and think about the exposure and abuse towards teens because of the media, people don’t realise how much of an effect it has on this generation.

Your friends can teach you a lot about yourself, they help you develop and learn more things about you that you may not have known without their help. Friends can help you, support and motivate you to succeed with anything in life. However, some friends can influence you to do bad things because of peer pressure.

I hope today’s blog was an interesting read for you.

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Exams are probably one of the most stressful times of a teen’s life. Around this time of the year, people in secondary school or high school are preparing or in the middle of their exams. The amount of things we have to revise and remember is unbelievable. Sometimes when I revise and don’t understand something, I have a breakdown and feel like I’m going to fail the test and my whole life! In actual fact, it’s just a little phase and you might feel like that too but it is going to be okay.

Whatever you are stuck on, break it down into smaller pieces remember panicking is just going to make it worse. If you are feeling a little under pressure, take a break and try to calm down, it WILL help you relax and to revise. Perhaps going through the work with a friend especially if they understand it would definitely help you because they’ll know when too much is for you also they will probably explain it a whole lot easier than your parents or teacher. If you cannot figure out how to work out the answer then just leave it for a while because I guarantee once you’ve concentrated on something else and go back to it, you will understand the previous question and find it so much easier. Remember to focus on the other topics in the exam, if you cannot do one of them. “Focus on your strengths because they will over power your weaknesses.” (Just made this up, I think it’s a pretty cool quote).

One of the worst things about exams are the night before, even though you’ve done a good amount of revision, you still feel you have to revise the night before which piles up even more stress. Revising the night before just makes it worse and in fact I find you’re more likely to forget everything you have learnt. Rather than worry about revising at 11:00pm at night, you should get some sleep because you’re more likely to remember the things you have learnt and getting a few extra hours of sleep improves your health and mind.

If you don’t revise then why not? You only get once chance to do them and it’s not like they take up your whole life, it might feel like they do but your school years are only the beginning years of your life. Just put your social life to the side for a while because you can always get back to it. Your final exams only come once and I don’t know about any other countries around the world but in the UK we don’t get a second chance so if you are reading this and you are from the UK, then please take them seriously because these exams determine part of your future life.

Another nerve-racking thing about exams is walking into the hall or classroom. You see the papers lay down on the desks and as you walk up to your seat, you know that “this is it”. You take your seat, write your name on your paper and when the teacher tells you to go, that’s it. The first few questions are easy but as you proceed the questions get harder and then there’s that one question that completely blanks your mind. You stare around looking for someone to help you but there are strict rules, it feels like the end. Suddenly, you remember how to workout the question, you feel like you are going to ace the exam.

Once the test is over about after a week, you receive your results. Just before you get your paper, you get butterflies and feel so nervous about it. Whenever I’m about get back exam results, I always prepare myself for the worst but when I get a better grade than I thought I would it just makes me feel so much better about myself. I would definitely recommend this to avoid disappointment. Just remember whatever results you get back whether good or bad, you will always find something to fall back on whether it is drama, dance or another school subject.

Here’s a video to show you that exams don’t rule your life and to inspire you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and that it eased your mind slightly. If you have got exams this week or anytime in the future, good luck! Thanks for reading xoxo

Advice & Tips For Blogging

Image Have you ever thought of starting a blog? Well then, today is your lucky day because I’m going to be giving you some advice and helpful tips about how to start a new blog.

So if you want to start blogging then, you’ve first got to decide which website you want to use. There are a lot of websites to choose from but the main ones are Blogger and WordPress. Personally, I think WordPress is better because it’s very simple and easy to use. It’s also free to use and to create your blog, there are also over 150 themes to pick from which are free too! You can access the amount of views and visitors you get, you are also able to see where the viewers are from which I think is really cool. The sign up is very easy, all you have to do is enter your email address, choose a password and a username.

Once you have created your account, you need to decide what type of blog you’ll be doing: fashion, photography, life, make up etc. Then you’ve got to choose an appropriate name that is linked to your blog, there are blog name generators that you could use or another cool way to make a name is by taking a popular quote or phase from what you are basing your blog on and then you can translate it into another language. You don’t necessarily have to do what I suggested but it is a different way of choosing the name of your blog.

Now for the tips:

1. Pictures matter- pictures make your blog look more interesting. They make it more colourful and they are likely to attract more readers but don’t just choose any random picture, choose one that will relate to the topic that you are writing about.

2. Put your post into a category and tag it with relatable topics- tagging your posts will instantly get it more views because people will often look for a post that is related to whatever they are looking and it is likely that they will look at your post if it has a good title and picture. Putting your post into a category is also like tagging it but I think doing both is best just so that your viewers can see what type of posts you have.

3. Choosing a good title- this is also important because it is the first thing that most people will see. Good titles will interest the reader and they will be more likely to look at your other posts.

4. Share your posts on social medias- by sharing your posts on social medias, it’ll make your blog more popular as SO many people have one, they’ll probably check your blog out.

5. Commenting- by commenting on other people’s blog, you are going to be noticed by the person and the other commenters. Find blogs that are similar to yours and if you comment something about their post and link your blog, they will probably check out your blog and hopefully follow it.

6. Tell your friends- your real friends will definitely look at your blog and probably enjoy reading it whatever the topic is. I’m very lucky to have friends that enjoy my blog and they show support which I am very grateful for.

7. Blog often- if you blog more regularly and frequently your audience is more likely to rise and you are going to get more views.

8. Size doesn’t matter- remember size doesn’t matter, as long as you have a committed audience that you know who enjoy your blogs then you are fine.

9. Quality over quantity- it doesn’t matter how long your posts are as long as they have good material that makes sense and they actually relate to your title then you are writing good blogs.

10. It takes time- you are going to have to be patient, you aren’t suddenly going to gain a lot of followers overnight. Nothing worth having comes easy so if you are really committed to your blog, you will gain more followers quicker than you realise.

Don’t just start a blog because you think you’ll be able to get paid a lot for it, the truth is if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing then the content probably isn’t going to be good as it should be. Only do it because you want not because you feel you have to. I hope you enjoyed this blog and that if you do start one that you gain a lot of loyal followers, happy blogging! Thanks for reading xoxo