What To Do in The Summer!

Summer To Do List big

Some of you might be stuck for ideas for what to do during your summer holiday because let’s be honest, I can guarantee that most of us have spent it on the internet, YouTube etc. I’ll be giving you some ideas to for your holiday to do alone, with family and friends.

1. Have a sleepover- this might seem boring or a really obvious one but you should organise one and see how many people you can get as possible because the more the merrier, having one friend over is also fun too. Once you have everyone round, you might be stuck for ideas. You could apple bob, play truth or dare, have a massive rave to music and pretend to be a rockstar! Having a chilled sleepover is just as fun, you could have a movie marathon, play on a Wii and just relax.

2. A big meet-up- you could meet all your friends or bring a group of six people and more to the closest park, you could go swimming, the cinema or walk through your town’s forest and explore the whole day!

3. Water fight- you and your friends could fill up balloons with water, buy cheap water guns and even get a paddling pool out. Make your own garden a water resort, just make sure not to hit anyone in the face!

4. Camp out- you could go camping one night with your friends or family. If you can’t go to a campsite, you could do it in your garden or on your trampoline if you have one!

5. Make your own music- if you can play an instrument already, you could learn to play a new song . If you have other friends that can also play or sing, you could make a band, think of name, practise a song altogether, film it and if you are confident with it, put it up on YouTube! You could also just play in your new band for fun.

6. Chill day- you don’t always have to be doing something in the holidays, you’ve had a whole year of hard work, you’ve deserve a day to relax. You could go into your garden, lay on the grass and just listen to your music maybe even a little doze. Watch a few films and pig out by ordering something, enjoy yourself!

7. Try cooking- if you don’t cook much or don’t know how to, now’s your chance! Find some easy recipes online and try them with a friend. Cupcakes, homemade pizza, brownies, smoothies, anything!

8. Pamper evening- have an evening where you pamper yourself, have a bubble bath, take the night easily, re-read your favourite book, paint your nails, whatever you fancy.

9. Shopping- if you need to get something new for your wardrobe or want to change your style, go for it and invite some friends with you.

10. Spend time with loved ones- spend time with your family, friends or pet. Spending time your pet might seem little odd but you have to appreciate them because you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

I hope you are all having a good summer and are enjoying it! Thanks for reading xoxo


10 Daily Reminders!


I feel like doing something different today. Here I commence with my 10 daily reminders to you.

1. Smile!- even if you are having a rough day (trust me I’ve experienced them). Try to smile because you don’t own all the problems in the world.

2. It doesn’t matter what others think- it really doesn’t matter what others think. If people are talking about your clothing, looks or whatever. Flaunt it, they must be envying you if they are talking about. You shouldn’t be ashamed of being of you, so enjoy yourself!

3. Don’t look back- don’t think about the embarrassing thing that happened yesterday or what happened in your relationship a year ago, the past is in the past and it should stay there. Take everything one day at a time.

4. You are human- no one is perfect, you will make mistakes but don’t dwell on them move on. You won’t always be happy but you know what c’est la vie (see what I did there).

5. Don’t give up- fight for what you think is right and for what you love. When you feel weak or that you are losing, remind yourself what you are fighting for.

6. You are beautiful- don’t listen to the haters. You are beautiful, whether that is appearance wise or personality, every person is beautiful in their own way.

7. Not everyone is judging you- not every single person you come across is judging you. Remember that everyone else on this Earth feels as insecure as you do.

8. You are enough- we’ve all doubted ourselves once or twice in our life, but we can’t change ourselves in order to impress someone. You shouldn’t change yourself in order to impress someone, be who you are. “Be your own voice, not an echo”.

9. You aren’t always in control- unfortunately, we don’t control life, it controls us but sometimes it’s for the best. You can’t predict when something will or should happen so don’t kick yourself when you do have bad days because we all have them.

10. Be fearless- is there ever something in life you regret? Bite the bullet and just go for it because you’ll never know what will happen until you do it. If you don’t do it then, you’ll think about what would’ve happened if you did do it. Don’t live in regret, be fearless.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and remember some of these things during your work or school days. Next week will be a special blog as it is my birthday next Tuesday so be prepared. Thanks for reading xoxo

Music: Different Taste, Different Opinions


We all have different perspectives on music. Some of us like rock, jazz, classical, pop etc which is great because why should we like the same type of music? Loads of people probably say this to you but being different is better, you’re more interesting and there is no one else like you in the world. Being unique is something no one can take away from you and one of the best ways to express that is through music. Despite whatever music you like, whatever it is that’s makes you happy and enjoy your music then who cares what music you listen to.

I often find that people are judged for their music taste but I don’t really understand why. Why judge someone for being different and liking something different to you? Music can give so many emotions to one person and comfort people. I remember once a friend asked for a music request and I said ” Nirvana’s Nevermind Album”. They questioned me why I liked Nirvana and I said that even though their music might seem “too loud and too grunge” they are a good band and make amazing music. I don’t even know to this day if they still don’t understand why I like rock music but one of the reasons I like rock music is because weirdly enough it can relax and sometimes when I’m in the mood it gives a hyper feeling. I love that one style I music can do this to me.

I used to like pop but then I realised it all sounded the same and that it was boring to my liking. I remember hearing hearing The Arctic Monkeys on a chat show and liking their music and that’s what got me into rock music. Whatever kind of music you prefer, I respect that because if it can make you feel good, relaxed or help you in any way then that is the best kind of music for you. You shouldn’t be afraid to like a different type of music to your friends because like I said before everyone is different and will like different things and it doesn’t matter if you like classical and your friends like pop or country etc because if they are your true friends they’ll respect your music choice and they might like the same kind as you. A person and I were friends but we weren’t that close but once we found out that we had the same music, we instantly became closer and I thank music for bringing me closer to someone because I’ve now found an amazing friend to hopefully spend my life with.

Some people in my generation fake their music taste and I don’t understand why. I guess they do this because they think they will “fit” in with other people but you’ll find that everyone likes different things to you and there is no point in pretending to like something. People will like you for the real you rather than the fake you. Some people act like they like pop music because everyone supposedly likes pop music but I think only a small majority of people like pop. Something I find irritating about pop music is that it is the only kind if music played on popular radio stations e.g. Capital, Kiss, Heart. I don’t know why these particular radio stations couldn’t try another genre of music but my best guess is that pop music is the most “popular” music in this century.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and I hope you can have pride in yourself to express your own music taste. Thanks for reading xoxo

Stop Judging


I’ve noticed that a lot of people judge each other especially teens. To be honest, I don’t really know why people do this, do we gain anything from it? The only reason I can think of is it that when we judge people we assume the better looking people can achieve more and are just overall better people. In actual fact, by doing this we are normally wrong but because it is a habit, we cannot get out of it. There are so many stereotypes that we often base our judgements on that person’s specific stereotype.

Unfortunately, some people always judge and can never get out of the ‘routine’. It doesn’t help you in life so if you think you are a judgmental person then you need to get out of that habit because it isn’t going to impact you in a good way. I’ve recognised that a lot of people in my school judge each other and this often causes a lot arguments. Even after these arguments happen, the people still decide to do what they do. I think even after multiple times of having arguments with people won’t open their eyes to what they do, something big would have to happen for them to realise what they do.

Judging has a bad outcome and that is missing some people with amazing qualities. Just imagine if you are criticising a new person that joins your school, you don’t have a clue about who they are or their personality. You may judge them on their name, race, religion, looks or something else but the point you are missing is that person is a loyal, trustworthy and fun persona and because of your judgemental nature, you have missed a great friend and possibly a life long best friend. Before you ever judge someone, put yourself into their shoes, if you were new somewhere or looking for a new group of friends etc would you want to be judged on your looks or past decisions. If you had ever made a bad decision in your past and you were judged for that, would you ever get anywhere in life?

I don’t know if I have ever been judged by others but I know friends that have been by other people. I can tell you that being judged isn’t the best feeling in the world and it consistently feels like that you are being overlooked by someone else. I can’t even imagine feeling like this, walking into school or your job area and feeling like that a specific group of people are always talking about you. If a group of people are criticising you, it’s probably because they are jealous of something you have or can do. You should be reassured that people aren’t judging you but that they are envying you because that lets you know you are doing well with your life and that you pursue a living that people envy.

When you try to find new friends or become part of a new friendship group, the people should accept you even if you have something wrong in your past. I can assure you that all of the people in that group have done something wrong, you shouldn’t worry about your past because that is in the PAST and if bad things have happened then they should be forgotten like everyone else has forgotten their bad past. If the people in that group are judging you then they aren’t the right people to make friends with.


If you haven’t seen this film, Beauty and The Beast, then you need to watch it. If you have seen the film then you know that this picture perfecting represents why you shouldn’t judge people. Under everyone’s looks, they could have the best personality without you realising but you have to get to know them before you judge them.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s blog and continue to enjoy my posts! Thanks for reading xoxo

Teenage Drug Usage


Just before I start to write about this topic, I want to make one thing clear and that is that I have never taken drugs before and I do not have any contact with any dealers. Everything that I write about is what I have learnt and heard from friends.

I’ve recently noticed that a lot of people have started to take or smoke drugs and a very large majority of them are in the early teens. It’s becoming more popular that teens take drugs and to be honest I don’t know why. Why is it that it’s our generation being abused with drugs? I suppose the answer to this is that we are probably the easiest age group to target and as a lot of people in the media are taking drugs, teens are more willing to try them. The dealers aren’t complaining though because they are the ones taking in all the money and they don’t care about the ages of their customers because business is business.

One of the main reasons of why many teens take or try drugs is because of the people around them or peer pressure. If your parents or older siblings take any substances then you are more likely to try them because the drugs are in reach which tempts you to try them. Peer pressure is a big cause because the teen social scene is revolved around drinking, smoking and taking drugs. If you have older friends then they are probably more likely to know someone who sells drugs or they might take it themselves. Your friend might urge you to try a joint or something else and drugs are usually seen as a ‘normal teenage experience’ but really it’s not, if you think about the teens decades ago they would’ve thought that it was definitely odd for teens to take drugs and it is. We are still growing up and why should a plant affect our future body and mind, if you’d see the side effects and the facts about drugs I think it would put you off. Please if you are ever offered drugs, a cigarette or an alcoholic drink decline it. Think about what you are putting into your body and think about how you are affecting it.

Another purpose of drug use is because of boredom and wanting to ‘escape’ the world. What I mean by that is when a teen is unhappy with something in their life, they will want to find a solution of ‘escaping’ and that escape is often drugs. At a certain point when you are mostly mentally weak if you are offered a drug, it’ll be harder for you to refuse and unfortunately it would end up with you taking the drug.  Depending on what is taken you may feel happy, oblivious, hyper, confident etc and whatever the effect is it’ll work but once you recover you will realise that you have made a mistake. If you are still feeling down, you’ll feel as if the drug is your only escape to happiness but in actual fact, it is making the whole situation worse and rather than doing that try and sort it out whatever it is even if you need professional help because sorting the problem out is better than feeling like no one can help you.

I know a few people who take certain drugs and I won’t mention their names but whenever I see them do it, I feel disappointed that they take drugs because I have know them nearly their whole life. To see them change and grow into a bad habit destroys me and it jut shows me that people can change so much. I have often tried to convince them to stop because they’ll get addicted and that a lot of them will change without them realising. They always reassure me that they will not get addicted and that they’d stop soon but I still feel weary that they won’t stop.

I have seen the side effects in person and seen the difference between the old person and the new person who had been taking drugs. The effects aren’t good and if you could see the effects yourself you’d be shocked. The appearance and the overall person changes and you’d be horrified if you’d see them happen to you. If you actually thought about it and saw yourself in the mirror I’m sure you would be convinced to stop because some causes are long term and the usage of drugs can also cause many types of cancers.

I hope you found this blog interesting and that I have changed your view of drugs, please make wise decisions with what you do. Thanks for reading xoxo




“Society killed the teenager.” Sadly, society nowadays has killed a lot of teenagers, because of weight issues, bullying, looks etc. Some people judge each other for being the same but when someone changes they still judge them! WHY?! Why do people do this, do they benefit anything out of this, gain any friends? What’s the point? The people in our generation don’t help either, they shaped this society to the way it is, which is really annoying.

People are so judgemental, they pick on the little things and make them a whole lot worse. This sometimes results into bullying, check out my blog on bullying: https://natalayacooke.wordpress.com/2014/02/15/bullying/. There is always that group of people who will never stop judging people and they’ll always get a kick out of this, it’ll seem so hard to stop them, but what goes around comes around. You don’t have to worry, the people or person judging you is probably jealous of you and they might be insecure about themselves, so you don’t have to worry about the people.

The media is also another reason of the society today, television, magazines, advertisements etc. All these pretty faces, slim bodies, “no make up”, flawless skin and hair, there’s too much to list! Mostly girls are ruled by these things and think they don’t amount to anything, but you do! You’re beautiful, just the way you are and you don’t need change ANYTHING about yourself, if anyone wants you to change anything about yourself, say… No, I may not be perfect but this is the best you’ll ever get, so you either take it or leave it! It might seem a little diva like but who cares they should know that and they might realise something. Some girls think they need to change their appearance or personality for a boy, so that he will go out with her. There is no need for this, if he can’t appreciate you for who you are then he is not worth it.

Older generations would probably associate our generation with drugs, crimes, underage pregnancies and more. Which I think is wrong because some of us are actually normal, we might be obsessed with Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, food, sleep but wouldn’t you rather that than a grandchild when you’re in your 40s? Teenagers have really changed in the last 20 years, we get judged for this and some people think that all teens wear hoodies, trousers half down our bum, smoking but not all of us are like this so why is everyone else judged like this? Not all of us are bad like this and adults have got to understand this.

Lots of different things have influenced the society which has changed a lot of teens around the world, how they see things, their looks, friendships everything about them. Something so little can result to something so big and can have a HUGE impact on other people. Think about what you say because you don’t know how it might affect someone else.

I hope you found this blog interesting, thanks for reading xoxo

Social Medias

Social Media Logotype Background

There are a lot of social medias out there but there are probably more apps popular than others. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and loads more. Everyone of all ages has all these social medias, parents, siblings even some grandparents. We normally spend all of our time on these apps and we’re called “unsociable” but really we are still socialising.

These apps seem to be taking over our lives, I don’t about you but most teens nowadays spend all their time on social medias. Our phone screens are probably the first and last thing we see in the day, checking Twitter in the morning about what’s happening in the world and Instagram late at night when you’re bored and you don’t want to go to sleep. Eventually these will control our lives and they already are a serious addiction to some people.

If we get enough time to plan a day out with our friends because we’re too busy “doing our homework or riding our room” but really we’re just laying in bed, chilling with Facebook and being lazy. Even we friends go all out together you see most of them all on their friends but why? You came out to spend time with them and you just sit with your phone socialising with people around the world.

I’m at a sleepover right now and all that we’re doing is on our phones which I find so funny because I’m sat here writing my blog talking about people being “unsociable”. It’s so fun though if you’re just sitting with your friends and then you just message them and you give them that little smile, if you do this comment below because I’m sure a lot of people do this.

There’s such a wide variety of social medias and they could probably keep us entertained for hours and they normally manage to do this. It’s a really great way to connect with your friends because you get I meet so many new people and you might even meet your old school friends.

I hope you found this blog interesting, let me know what other topics you’d like me to write about. Thanks for reading xoxo