Christmas Q&A!

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 So I’ve been feeling Christmasy lately and thought that this would be a good time to do something like this, I added a little twist to the normal Q&A!

Do you countdown to Christmas?

Of course, I have an app on my phone and from today there are twenty eight days till Christmas. Christmas is getting closer than you think, it’s December in less than a week! I’m not 100% sure whether other countries around the world do this but in England we have advent calendars, which is a box with 24 little doors containing a chocolate treat behind each door.

When do you put up your Christmas tree and/or decorations?

My family and I usually put up our tree on the 1st of December and the other decorations. We have cute Christmas candles with robin and deer on them. I think one of the best things about Christmas are the  scented candles like apple wreath, snowflake cookies and more.

What goes on top of your tree?

I know traditionally it should be a star but instead we have an angel with a white dress and halo.

What do you eat for your Christmas meal and when do you eat it?

My family and I have a roast dinner which consists of roast chicken, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy. Obviously, we don’t forget about the crackers, with the christmas hats and prize. We eat it at about lunch time after we have opened all our presents.

Do you have any meal time traditions?

Mentioned previously yes, we have crackers. My sisters and I would normally listen to Christmas songs together and just enjoy the meal.

Do you leave anything out for Santa?

Yes, we leave out milk, chocolate chip cookies and maybe Celebrations, Roses or Quality Streets (British readers will understand).

When do you open your gifts?

On the 25th of December, at about 7am. My sisters and I usually have to negotiate a time with our parents because otherwise we would wake up too early!

What’s on top of your Christmas list?

This year, a new phone is on the top preferably the iPhone 6, what’s on yours?

Favourite Christmas songs?

A lot of the old classics like I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, Merry Christmas Everyone, Let It Snow x3, Baby It’s Cold Outside (especially the Elf version), Shake Up Christmas and many others.

Favourite songs?

Well, there are many such as Elf, Home Alone One and Two, Fred Claus, The Polar Express, Jingle All The Way, Arthur Christmas, Nativity, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Santa Clause and loads more.

I hope that this got you in the Christmas mood, remember 28 days left and counting!

Thanks for reading



“Fate Is A One Way Street”

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Recently, my friend brought up the topic of fate, so I decided to write about that today. Thanks to her for inspiring today’s blog (you know who you are).

Many people may or may not believe in fate but personally I believe in it. Some may say that fate is a one way street which you can only follow in one direction. Although fate doesn’t choose where you end up, it guides you in life to the right path and only you are in control of what you do whether you decide to follow fate or not.

If you too also believe in fate, you may deem that it lead to you to your friends. It chose to cross yours and their path for a reason whether you two may become or create something extraordinary. Whatever fate hands you, make use of it because everything in this life happens for a reason whether you may think it is a bad or good decision.

Fate doesn’t ask you what you want, it knows what is best for you even if you don’t. Sometimes it takes time for you to even realise what you want but as long as you end up making the right decision, that’s all that matters. You might see these moments in films, when a woman or man realises their ex was truly their love, they then rush to find them, fall back in love etc. Fate kind of works like that in some circumstances, you have to be in a certain frame of mind to understand what you want in life, whatever it is.

Stop for a moment and just think, how did you end up meeting your friends or partner? Do you think it was fate, destiny or just luck?

I hope you enjoyed this blog and that I left you thinking about your life in a different perspective.

Thanks for reading.


Remembrance Day


Yesterday was Remembrance Day also known as Armistice, Memorial or Poppy Day. In case, you didn’t know why the day is significant it is because it is the day that we remember all the armed forces who died for us after World War One and who continuously fight for our freedom and human rights.

Across the world, it is celebrated, every country hold a celebration differently. In the United Kingdom, we wear the poppy, donate money to the Royal British Legion which is a charity that offers help and welfare to the serving and ex-service men, women and their families. Countries across the world have the two minutes of silence to remind ourselves of what the soldiers then and now do for us and their country. The silence is held on the eleventh month on the eleventh day of the eleventh hour.

I think it’s important to remember now how much the world has changed and evolved since the First World War. For example, equality, a lot women join the armed forces nowadays which I think is commendable of them because unfortunately there are still some sexist people in this world. Honestly, sometimes at school, boys still comment about girl’s actions like if we can’t do something correctly, throw or kick a ball as good as them. They then normally comment “you throw/kick like a girl”, “it’s just because you’re a girl”. It annoys me so much because we are just as capable as them, us girls can show them up. I would love to prove how strong and independent we are as a gender.

Today, I thought about why we only think about the troops for one day out of the three hundred and sixty five we have because the people that have left their families, friends and lives at home go out to fight for their nation, which contains a large quantity of people that they’ll never meet. I think these people deserve more than we actually think.

Whenever we have our silence, which is normally at school, there is always at least one inconsiderate person who speaks or laughs. I don’t understand why this person or group of people cannot keep their trap shut for two minutes and to think about the men and women who have fought or who are fighting for us.

This has been a little bit of a rant but I think it is important to write about these kind of things.

As always, thanks for reading.



Should We Fight For Our Beliefs?


As I attend a school full of pre-teens and teenagers, a lot of them are insecure about stating their passions because they may not have enough self-confidence to stand up for their beliefs. Occasionally I pass by a group of people, I often overhear someone’s opinion being put down; someone else in their group is discriminating against their opinion. Unfortunately, a small fraction actually stand up for their belief. Hopefully today I can inspire you or help you to gain confidence to not be ashamed or what you like.

If the topic of something you are passionate about comes up in a conversation between you and a group of friends or people you have just met, you should make it obvious that you like the topic whether it be religion, music or something else. I also think standing up for your beliefs shows that you are a strong capable character who is not afraid to speak out above the others. Before you get to expressing your interests, you must have a good confidence because it is hard to talk about what you love in front of others.

I don’t know how it came to me but some stage in my life recently, it got to point where I didn’t care about what others thought of me. I think it takes something big to give you that extra push to not caring about what others think. I’m not sure how this situation occurred but it eventually happened; I’m glad that I can openly talk about what I love and not give a damn about what other people think. I might sound up myself but I’m not, there are also other positives when standing up for your beliefs. I think it is a valuable quality especially if you are in the right workplace because it shows that you are a passionate person who can fight for their beliefs. It also shows that you are strong and that you have confidence.

It is important not to get to cocky and don’t forget that other people will have different opinions to you, it also takes a mature person to accept other people’s view and to take them into consideration. Keep going and stand up for your beliefs because who will? “Be a lover not fighter, but always fight for what you love.” 

I hope that you are feeling a little more inspired or confident even if you don’t I hope that you take this into consideration and that this has had a positive outlook for you. Thanks for reading xoxo