Making Decisions… No Matter The Size!


Our lives are based on so many decisions we or others make. No matter how big the decision is, there will always be a consequence whether it is good or bad. There is always a battle in our mind between our intuition and logic. Unfortunately, most of the time our intuitive side kicks in more than our logic but some people like to take to gamble and end up with something they weren’t expecting with or don’t like.

We are always making choices but don’t realise it like what you want to have for breakfast, lunch or choose what film to watch etc. Now choosing things like this, don’t affect us permanently but when it comes to our education, money etc the whole story changes. As a teen, I’ve already been made to decide some big things that will matter in my life. I had to choose what I wanted to take for my GCSEs which do eventually point me in the direction of a career in later life, adults expect us to have our life planned out at this age and even if we have a plan now I can guarantee that it will change in a couple of years time or just before we start university.

Why is it that at such a young age we have to make big life-changing decisions? Most adults can’t even make decisions now so why are we expected to make them now? I’m sure that my generation is completely different to how our parent’s generation were in their teen years and a lot of parents and people seem to be managing so why should we make the decisions now when our parents didn’t.

Decisions we make throughout our lives will decide our fate and we usually meet people on the way that can make this journey something unforgettable and you get so many opportunities and experiences by deciding things for yourselves.

Remember you do have to go with what you think is best and not decide in the heat of the moment. Sometimes it is right to go with your head and not your heart but if you do want to take them gamble then go for it, no one is stopping you. Also, don’t let other people’s thoughts change your mind, take their comments into consideration but decide for yourself because in the end you will be dealing with the outcome. Whenever you do make a big decision next time, list the pros and cons to ensure you choose the right thing.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and make the best decisions you can in life. Thanks for reading xoxo


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