What To Do in The Summer!

Summer To Do List big

Some of you might be stuck for ideas for what to do during your summer holiday because let’s be honest, I can guarantee that most of us have spent it on the internet, YouTube etc. I’ll be giving you some ideas to for your holiday to do alone, with family and friends.

1. Have a sleepover- this might seem boring or a really obvious one but you should organise one and see how many people you can get as possible because the more the merrier, having one friend over is also fun too. Once you have everyone round, you might be stuck for ideas. You could apple bob, play truth or dare, have a massive rave to music and pretend to be a rockstar! Having a chilled sleepover is just as fun, you could have a movie marathon, play on a Wii and just relax.

2. A big meet-up- you could meet all your friends or bring a group of six people and more to the closest park, you could go swimming, the cinema or walk through your town’s forest and explore the whole day!

3. Water fight- you and your friends could fill up balloons with water, buy cheap water guns and even get a paddling pool out. Make your own garden a water resort, just make sure not to hit anyone in the face!

4. Camp out- you could go camping one night with your friends or family. If you can’t go to a campsite, you could do it in your garden or on your trampoline if you have one!

5. Make your own music- if you can play an instrument already, you could learn to play a new song . If you have other friends that can also play or sing, you could make a band, think of name, practise a song altogether, film it and if you are confident with it, put it up on YouTube! You could also just play in your new band for fun.

6. Chill day- you don’t always have to be doing something in the holidays, you’ve had a whole year of hard work, you’ve deserve a day to relax. You could go into your garden, lay on the grass and just listen to your music maybe even a little doze. Watch a few films and pig out by ordering something, enjoy yourself!

7. Try cooking- if you don’t cook much or don’t know how to, now’s your chance! Find some easy recipes online and try them with a friend. Cupcakes, homemade pizza, brownies, smoothies, anything!

8. Pamper evening- have an evening where you pamper yourself, have a bubble bath, take the night easily, re-read your favourite book, paint your nails, whatever you fancy.

9. Shopping- if you need to get something new for your wardrobe or want to change your style, go for it and invite some friends with you.

10. Spend time with loved ones- spend time with your family, friends or pet. Spending time your pet might seem little odd but you have to appreciate them because you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

I hope you are all having a good summer and are enjoying it! Thanks for reading xoxo


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