What I Love…

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I thought I’d write about some of my personal interests if any of you wanted to know a little more about me and if not then oh well! If any of the things that I like and you don’t then that is fine because you are entitled to your own opinion but if you like some things that I do then great! I’m going to include the everyday things that I love like food, moments in life, music and more. Here I commence and enjoy!

Music- If you have read my previous blog (if not, you should check it out after this) then you’ll know that my music taste is rock but there is a little twist I do also like 5SOS which I’m sure most of you have heard of. Rock songs have so many different stories and meanings behind them, I can guarantee whatever rock song you find on YouTube will have a meaning to it and just listen out for the lyrics.Don’t get me wrong I do love my rock bands and as soon as someone disrespects any of my bands, they’ll be having it. I love 5SOS because they aren’t completely pop, they are punk and rock too which is another reason as to why I like them and also their genuine personalities, fashion sense and looks.


Food- This probably seems like a stupid thing to write about but it’s one of many of things that I love and food is just… I can’t describe it! You’ve got so many different kinds of foods that you can try and enjoy. I love traditional British meals e.g. Sunday roast dinner, which is roasted chicken and potatoes with a selection of vegetables, gravy and a yorkshire pudding. I love sweet and savoury foods and a good thing about my body is that I have a high metabolism which means I can eat as much as I want. If you asked me what my favourite food was I couldn’t just give you one answer because there are so many foods that I love like spaghetti bolognese, chicken chow mien, pizza, nutella, dried mango, grapes and so much more!

Everyday things- I love it when I wake up in the morning and when my bedroom window is open because it brings in a breeze of cold, fresh air and I just love snuggling up in my duvet when I feel it, it might just be me but let me know if you love this feeling too. After a long tiring day, I like reflect on the day on the journey home and just think about what has happened, what I enjoyed and anything I need to do to improve tomorrow. I also love jumping onto my bed after school,  I just kick my shoes off, run up the stairs, drop my back and collapse onto my bed, perfection!

Personal things- I love it when someone shows me that they love or care about me because it just reassures me that I’m not alone in this world and that I do have access to people who can support me and I can trust them with my issues.

Holidays- Now I’m sure that everyone loves holidays and I especially love them because it’s where I can relax and forget everything bad that has happened and last of all have fun and explore the country!

Lazy days- Don’t you just love lazy days, chilling, movie marathons and lie-ins. My favourite films to watch are comedies and action films. I don’t seem to know a lot of people that like action films but one of the reasons as to why I like them is because I remember my dad watched them around me and I started to watch them with him. Watching action films are one of my favourite things to do with my dad.


YouTubers- What can I say, if you know me well enough you’ll know that I love YouTubers so much, I couldn’t possibly list all the YouTubers I watch but some of the people I watch are Zoella, PointlessBlog all of the people in that British YouTube group, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, iiSuperwomanii, The Fine Bros, BuzzFeed Video, LaToya Forever, Tpindell, YoMuscleBoii, StilaBabe09 and so many more and I mean loads more!

I hope you liked today’s blog and found some of these things interesting about me. I obviously can’t write about everything I love but my family and friends are the most obvious so I thought I’d leave that but if any of you want to know more about me then I can always do another one of these. Thanks for reading xoxo


P.S. I have started an Instagram account for my blog, the username is @cestlavie_blog. Please follow it to keep updated and I hope you like the account.




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