Music: Different Taste, Different Opinions


We all have different perspectives on music. Some of us like rock, jazz, classical, pop etc which is great because why should we like the same type of music? Loads of people probably say this to you but being different is better, you’re more interesting and there is no one else like you in the world. Being unique is something no one can take away from you and one of the best ways to express that is through music. Despite whatever music you like, whatever it is that’s makes you happy and enjoy your music then who cares what music you listen to.

I often find that people are judged for their music taste but I don’t really understand why. Why judge someone for being different and liking something different to you? Music can give so many emotions to one person and comfort people. I remember once a friend asked for a music request and I said ” Nirvana’s Nevermind Album”. They questioned me why I liked Nirvana and I said that even though their music might seem “too loud and too grunge” they are a good band and make amazing music. I don’t even know to this day if they still don’t understand why I like rock music but one of the reasons I like rock music is because weirdly enough it can relax and sometimes when I’m in the mood it gives a hyper feeling. I love that one style I music can do this to me.

I used to like pop but then I realised it all sounded the same and that it was boring to my liking. I remember hearing hearing The Arctic Monkeys on a chat show and liking their music and that’s what got me into rock music. Whatever kind of music you prefer, I respect that because if it can make you feel good, relaxed or help you in any way then that is the best kind of music for you. You shouldn’t be afraid to like a different type of music to your friends because like I said before everyone is different and will like different things and it doesn’t matter if you like classical and your friends like pop or country etc because if they are your true friends they’ll respect your music choice and they might like the same kind as you. A person and I were friends but we weren’t that close but once we found out that we had the same music, we instantly became closer and I thank music for bringing me closer to someone because I’ve now found an amazing friend to hopefully spend my life with.

Some people in my generation fake their music taste and I don’t understand why. I guess they do this because they think they will “fit” in with other people but you’ll find that everyone likes different things to you and there is no point in pretending to like something. People will like you for the real you rather than the fake you. Some people act like they like pop music because everyone supposedly likes pop music but I think only a small majority of people like pop. Something I find irritating about pop music is that it is the only kind if music played on popular radio stations e.g. Capital, Kiss, Heart. I don’t know why these particular radio stations couldn’t try another genre of music but my best guess is that pop music is the most “popular” music in this century.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and I hope you can have pride in yourself to express your own music taste. Thanks for reading xoxo


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