Exams are probably one of the most stressful times of a teen’s life. Around this time of the year, people in secondary school or high school are preparing or in the middle of their exams. The amount of things we have to revise and remember is unbelievable. Sometimes when I revise and don’t understand something, I have a breakdown and feel like I’m going to fail the test and my whole life! In actual fact, it’s just a little phase and you might feel like that too but it is going to be okay.

Whatever you are stuck on, break it down into smaller pieces remember panicking is just going to make it worse. If you are feeling a little under pressure, take a break and try to calm down, it WILL help you relax and to revise. Perhaps going through the work with a friend especially if they understand it would definitely help you because they’ll know when too much is for you also they will probably explain it a whole lot easier than your parents or teacher. If you cannot figure out how to work out the answer then just leave it for a while because I guarantee once you’ve concentrated on something else and go back to it, you will understand the previous question and find it so much easier. Remember to focus on the other topics in the exam, if you cannot do one of them. “Focus on your strengths because they will over power your weaknesses.” (Just made this up, I think it’s a pretty cool quote).

One of the worst things about exams are the night before, even though you’ve done a good amount of revision, you still feel you have to revise the night before which piles up even more stress. Revising the night before just makes it worse and in fact I find you’re more likely to forget everything you have learnt. Rather than worry about revising at 11:00pm at night, you should get some sleep because you’re more likely to remember the things you have learnt and getting a few extra hours of sleep improves your health and mind.

If you don’t revise then why not? You only get once chance to do them and it’s not like they take up your whole life, it might feel like they do but your school years are only the beginning years of your life. Just put your social life to the side for a while because you can always get back to it. Your final exams only come once and I don’t know about any other countries around the world but in the UK we don’t get a second chance so if you are reading this and you are from the UK, then please take them seriously because these exams determine part of your future life.

Another nerve-racking thing about exams is walking into the hall or classroom. You see the papers lay down on the desks and as you walk up to your seat, you know that “this is it”. You take your seat, write your name on your paper and when the teacher tells you to go, that’s it. The first few questions are easy but as you proceed the questions get harder and then there’s that one question that completely blanks your mind. You stare around looking for someone to help you but there are strict rules, it feels like the end. Suddenly, you remember how to workout the question, you feel like you are going to ace the exam.

Once the test is over about after a week, you receive your results. Just before you get your paper, you get butterflies and feel so nervous about it. Whenever I’m about get back exam results, I always prepare myself for the worst but when I get a better grade than I thought I would it just makes me feel so much better about myself. I would definitely recommend this to avoid disappointment. Just remember whatever results you get back whether good or bad, you will always find something to fall back on whether it is drama, dance or another school subject.

Here’s a video to show you that exams don’t rule your life and to inspire you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and that it eased your mind slightly. If you have got exams this week or anytime in the future, good luck! Thanks for reading xoxo


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