Just before I start talking about stereotypes, I don’t mean to be offensive, rude or racist so please don’t be offended because I don’t mean it in a harsh way at all. Everyone is stereotyped even if you do think that you are a normal human which we all are, unfortunately we fall into a category that society puts us in and we are labelled. This can be taken seriously especially if they are racist or involve religion. No one should be judged just because of their nationality, skin colour, gender, music/clothes etc.

From my point of view, I think that there are a lot of stereotypes for teenagers like that we are all moody, lazy, get in trouble and more but in a matter of fact there are only a few people like this and that leaves the majority of us with no voice because we are apparently all the same. It drives me crazy sometimes because any adult that I know will say to me “Oh lazy bones, typical teenager”. I just feel like screaming, we are not all the same and I wonder how they would feel if we said to them something like “Oh getting a bit rickety in the bones”, they would definitely feel offended and probably say show some respect but we all deserve the same amount of respect so they shouldn’t just judge us on our stereotype.

All nationalities have a stereotype and I’m sure that you would be able to name some popular ones for your country. As I am partly Ukrainian and Russian, I’m often stereotyped and some people say “Do you like vodka?”, “Are you friends with Putin?” or simply they just shout “Oi Russian” instead of my name. If the person is a friend, I would either slap or punch them on the arm, it might sound mean but it actually drives me INSANE at one point I actually shouted in their face because they continually called me “Russian” and their response was… “Are you on your period?”. I can’t even describe how angry I was, I wanted to punch them in the face and shout but don’t worry I didn’t. If you do, do this to someone even if they are a friend or if you say its a joke, they are going to take it seriously no matter what and they will feel like I did inside and you don’t want to drive them crazy because one day they will EXPLODE and I mean it, they will blame it all on you and you will have to deal with the consequences.

Gender stereotypes are also irritating because when I am in school if a girl attempts something like answering a question and if she gets it wrong, some boys are like “Ohh, its just because you’re a girl” but if its the other way round no one says anything. Also when we get test results back, all the boys think it’s shameful to get a lower grade than a girl especially if she’s blonde which I find absolutely ridiculous. As I am a blonde, if I get an answer right or the top five highest grade, some of the boys go “Ooh well done!” but you know what I love is when it turns out that I get a higher grade than them. I just have a smug look and feel like going all diva like and clicking my fingers.

Racist stereotypes have been going on for decades and sadly I think there will always be but as long as you find a nice neighbourhood or a good group of friends and so long as they don’t judge you, you can block out all the negative racist thoughts then you’ll be fine. There have also been recent stereotypes like the common white girl or the ghetto/ratchet black girl even though there are a few people like this, some people feel like that some of us are like that but really we’re not, before you judge someone get to know them first.

I hope this hasn’t been too depressing but I just wanted to inform you if you do judge someone think about what you say because it will affect even if you don’t realise. “Judging a person doesn’t define who they are, it defines who you are”. Thanks for reading xoxo



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