25 Random facts.


I thought I would tell you 25 random facts about me, for my first blog, as you don’t know anything about me.

1.My full name is: Cora Daisy Bremner.

2.I am English Irish Scottish and Polish.

3.My favourite colours are peach lilac and red.

4.I do not and never have had a pet.

5.I have two older sisters and one younger brother.

6.My birthday is on the 26th of July.

7.My favourite animal is a giraffe.

8.My star sign is leo.

9.My height is 5 foot 6.

10.I moved house when I was 2/3, but I have not moved since.

11.I have 25 Cousins and 1 of my aunties is pregnant.

12.Most of my family live in England but some live in Scotland.

13.I do not play any instruments but I did play the recorder in my infant school.

14.I am addicted to YouTube.

15.My hobbies include acting and…

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