Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin


Nowadays I think being yourself is hard for people to do because there are so many different distractions that often lead us astray from our real selves. Sadly, most people try hard to change themselves into someone who they are really not, I think because we are surrounded by some many different perceptions of how we should be as a person, we are often confused and misled into what we think is ‘perfect’.

In order, to be your true self you must find yourself and define who you are but you cannot be yourself if you don’t know, understand and accept yourself first. Spend some time thinking about what you truly value and think about what really makes you who you are. Personality tests would probably help you too but don’t let the results define who you really are. Another way to find out more about yourself is perhaps joining a club that you might not always go for because you could learn something new about yourself. If this doesn’t work then you could join a club that you do have interests in because you will have a variety of new people to  meet who also enjoy the same things as you do.

Avoid the things that happened in the past because people grown and change. “The past can hurt but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it”-Rafiki (The Lion King). One of the wrong things to do is define yourself from your past actions now we all make mistakes but you cannot judge yourself from them. You’ve got to accept the mistakes and choices you’ve made; they’re done and in the past. At that moment in time, you had your reasons that made sense to make those decisions so instead of wasting time in regretting the choices you made, allow yourself to learn from it and continue to grow.

Now if you are going to be the real you, there are obviously going to be some people who will judge you and you shouldn’t really care about how people perceive you because if you thought about yourself from other people’s view, you would be always be changing yourself but you will never be able to create the ‘perfect’ you to satisfy everyone. To be yourself, you’ve got to let go of their concerns and not let their thoughts and opinions of you, change who you are. People may offend you but as long as you don’t take their comments in then they cannot interfere within you. I think that a lot of people base themselves on others people’s thoughts but if you do this then you aren’t going to be the real you, people would love and accept you more for the real you rather than the fake you. If you are changing yourself to impress someone then you shouldn’t because they are being impressed by the wrong you and the true you is probably better than the other person you are pretending to be. This person might find out that you are trying to be different in order to impress them, this could lead them to thinking that you are a bad or lying person, which in actual fact you probably aren’t. So to make sure that people aren’t deceived by the wrong person, be yourself and you’ll be accepted and loved more because of that.

To find out more about yourself, you are going to have to be honest and open with yourself. You’ve got nothing to hide, we are all imperfect but learning human beings, so there is nothing to be ashamed of whether it is emotionally or physically because we all have our imperfections. If you feel insecure about yourself then try to change it because it’s not going to get any better and that problem will just keep growing on you, it’ll make you feel better and you’ll know that you can achieve more than you think.

Expressing yourself is a great way in being yourself whether that is learning something new, dancing, singing, painting etc. By expressing your sense of style, you will be able to communicate well. Doing what you love will always result with positive outcomes and by doing that you are going to be living a healthier and happier lifestyle. The better you express yourself, the easier it will be for people to understand you as a person and they are more likely to prefer the real you.

You are never going to be happy if you compare yourself to others because remember there is a thing called Photoshop and you are always going to be deceived of what a real and natural person is. You are always going to see the appearance that people in public would dream of having but in reality that person’s body or hair isn’t real and it has been edited on. Avoid being harsh to yourself because you aren’t a Hollywood star with a life coach who is planning your diet and lifestyle, how are you supposed to be ‘perfect’ when you haven’t got any support. You cannot depend your looks on something that isn’t even real.

Being different to everyone else is an amazing thing and having your own clothing style is great because it truly expresses who you are and your mood. Your clothes really state who you are and it shows everyone your true style. Your fashion sense will show everyone for who you are and people are going to be more attracted for your unique side. People might criticise you for it but don’t let their opinion change you.

This has been one of my longest posts but there are so many things to say about this topic, I hope that you are able to achieve your true self and I’m sure that people will accept you for it. Thanks for reading xoxo


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