Second Month Celebration!


Even though it is a Sunday, it’s still a day to celebrate because of… MY TWO MONTH CELEBRATION! I’m actually quite surprised that I haven’t stopped writing yet but don’t worry because now that I have been doing this a decent amount of time. I know that I can’t let anyone down even if that is a small amount of great committed readers.

I would like to say that I am very proud of what I do because I know that I am doing some good in the world and I love that it could help people in their lives too. Also I am very thankful for my readers and followers because I don’t think that I’d still be writing if it wasn’t for all of you. Even if you just view one of my posts, it lets me know that someone out there is reading what I am writing and hopefully taking some valuable life information.

Anyway enough of the sappy talk, I am very thankful for all of you reading and I hope that you can continue to enjoy my posts. My usual post will still carry on Wednesday and as per usual, thanks for reading xoxo


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