Most people don’t take responsibility for their actions, this usually causes a lot of arguments and friendships/relationships are normally affected by this too. People have to understand that by taking responsibility, you are becoming a better person and that you are a stronger, trustworthy and honest person. Taking responsibility may involve taking risks but you have to admit to your actions in order to resolve them.

A large amount of people usually don’t think about what they are doing, they don’t stop at that moment to think. What are the consequences of my actions and how will it affect me? By thinking about this before you do something potentially harmful, you are more likely to come to your senses and decide if what you are doing will help you in a negative or positive way. Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about what we are doing regardless the situation, we end up regretting what happened and therefore we deny what we did.

The worst case scenario is that someone’s life is taken possibly yours or a loved one or that you end in trouble with the law. For ever action you take there is going to be a consequence whether it is good or bad but whatever it is you have to accept the issue and punishment. If you react in a violent way to your punishment, you are going to get yourself into even more trouble than you were at the start. By understanding what you have done, you are more likely to learn from that mistake and take responsibility for your future actions.

Don’t forget that there are also good results in taking authority such as more people trusting you, knowing that you are honest with everyone etc. You are more likely to be gaining a stronger and more honest relationship and friendships because the people around you will be able to trust you more and know that they aren’t going to be blamed for your actions. If you can prove this at your work place by completing a task to the right standard or even better, your supervisor/boss will consider you as a strong and reliable person. By taking responsibility, you are able to prove yourself to people that you are capable of taking on challenges. “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Think about your actions because you are going to have to take responsibility whether you like it or not. This is one of the many things in life that you have to accept because if you cannot then how are you expected to move on in life and be considered as a responsible human being.

I hope that you have learnt something from this and understand why taking responsibility is so important. Thanks for reading xoxo


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