Piggy In The Middle!


So the annoying thing about having two really close friends is that they sometimes get into arguments and you are kind of stuck in between of it, if you are in this situation then keep reading because I’ll be telling you about my experiences of this and ways to get out of this too.

So if you are currently in the middle of one, then think about why they’re in an argument and what the cause of it was. Who’s fault was it, was it yours? Now I know what this feels like and it’s probably one of the worst things to be stuck in, especially when the two people are one of your closet friends, it’s an awkward place to be in. Certainly, some other people will ask if you’re on a side and don’t feel as you have to answer to them because you don’t, if they don’t understand what’s happening or they’re just nosey either way tell them to keep their nose out of it in a nice way. Also you don’t have to choose sides because it could and probably will result in a bad way, you’ll lose one of your friends or maybe even both of them!

If you do pick sides or feel that you have to just remember whoever is in the wrong but you shouldn’t always back them up, this argument is between only them two and I don’t think you should get involved unless you feel its right to or that things might be getting out of hand. Whatever side you pick just remind yourself that you’ve got a price to pay because you might be risking your friendship with the other person but as I said before don’t feel that you have to because you are going to be the one dealing with the consequences.

You’re probably going to feel confused and annoyed but whatever you do, do not take it out on the two people arguing because it will add to yours and their stresses, it will probably make matters even worse. Try to stay calm and tell yourself that you’re not the one arguing so why should you be stressed out, as long as you don’t stir things up, you’ll be fine and hopefully your friends will make up and I’m very sure that they’ll thank you for being there for them and being able to cope with this situation.

On the other hand, this might not work out and it could end up with them separating meaning that you’ll be in an even more difficult situation but remember to tell them that you are equally still friends with both of them. You don’t want your friendship to be affected as well, hopefully they’ll respect your decision and accept it.

I hope you found this blog helpful and that if you do get caught in this situation, you know how to deal with it. As always, thanks for reading xoxo


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