25 Random Facts About Me!

So as I have had my blog for nearly a month, I thought I would give you some random facts about me because you don’t know much about me.

1. My dad chose my name from a James Bond film (not sure which one) and it was after a Russian spy.

2. I’m Ukrainian and British as my dad is British and my mum is Ukrainian.

3. I have only had two birthdays at home and the rest have been on holiday.

4. My favourite colour is purple.

5. I had a cat but sadly she died in December.

6. I have two sisters and they are both younger than me.

7. I was born in England and I still live here.

8. My favourite animals are lions and tigers.

9. My star sign is Leo.

10. I am 5ft 6, which is 167cm.

11. My mum makes me eat a banana every day because she says they’re full of potassium and lots of good vitamins but this is great because I can get what I want by saying I’ll eat more fruit and veg.

12. I have moved three times in my life.

13. I only have one cousin but I have never met her before.

14. I have a lot of family all around the world.

15. I have been playing piano for two years and getting very good at it.

16. I am a YouTube addict and I can’t help it!

17. I did dancing for seven years but I have stopped now.

 18. My favourite season is spring because it’s not too hot or too cold.                                                                                                                                                                        Image

19. I speak English obviously, fluent Russian, a little French, Spanish, Italian and German.

20. The last time I cried was when my cat died.

21. I have already started my I.T GSCE but all the rest I will be starting in September (time is going by too quickly!)

22. My favourite school subjects are English, History and French.

23. I am a very happy person and I am always able to put a smile on someone’s face.

24. I am a summer baby.

25. I want to be a psychiatrist.

So there are my 25 facts, I hope you enjoyed them and learnt something about me today and I will be back with my daily blog tomorrow about how to stop procrastinating. Thanks for reading xoxo


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