Disconnect to Reconnect


The internet is an amazing place but it can be a home of bad things too. You get to stay in tough with everyone you have ever met, you can google random things like yourself which is always fun to see the results but sometimes you need to disconnect. If you’re more concerned about checking your news feed on Facebook rather than talking to your friends right in front of you or trying to get your high score on Flappy Bird instead of crossing the road safely then you need to be more aware of what is happening around you. Today is the day you need to take a step back from technology.

Consistent owners of the newest technology is something that the human race has been doing for a very long time. For example in th 19th century, there was a craze sweeping England called “kaleidoscomania” it was a fancy light telescope that everyone went crazy for. What makes today different? Many teens have access to the latest technology devices. How many of your friends have a smartphone? Odds are that more than half of them do. Are you reading this from a smartphone right now? In 2012,  58% of people between 13 and 17 had a smartphone. The percentage of American teenagers that own a smartphone is greater the the humans on this Earth that own a smartphone! We use the heck out of our phones, the average teen spends 20 hours a week on the internet and that doesn’t even count when we go on Twitter, Instagram etc.


Here are some tips to get you in touch (see what I did there) with the real world:

1. Designate a “No Screen” time- give any of your electrical devices to a parent, guardian or roommate for an hour and tell them not to give it to you no matter how much you beg. Do something you would never do e.g. play a sport, learn a new instrument, visit an art gallery without taking a picture of a painting and posting it on Instagram. You would be amazed how much fun you can have without your device.

2. Do it in person- do what in person? Do everything in person. If you’re sitting three feet away from your friend and you are texting them, put your phone down and have a conversation with them. Human interaction is good for you, humans need need to interact with others every once in a while.

3. Go outside- leave your MP3 player and phone at home, get some fresh air because it will be great for your health and do you some good.

4. Don’t fall asleep with your phone- if you sleep with your phone near you, it’ll tempt you to check if anyone has posted anything new on Twitter before you go to sleep. When you wake up, it will be right there for you to check Twitter again and it will be the first and last thing you see in the morning and night. Get it way from your bed and keep technology and sleep completely separate.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it useful. Even though technology is a great thing, it can also have negative effects on you so make sure you have enough separate time from your electronic devices and you’ll be just fine. Thanks for reading xoxo


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