So you might be wondering why I haven’t written a blog in ages, it’s because I haven’t had any internet, wifi access and our landline has been down since Wednesday. I hate BT because I haven’t be able to write my blogs which makes me feel like my day is incomplete without doing it so now I am writing this in a cafe, BT said that they would fix our problems either tomorrow or Tuesday. Fingers crossed, its Monday and I apologise if you have missed my blogs and here I go with my normal blog.


I don’t think that many people nowadays know how lucky they are to have all the things they own, even the basic things you might take for granted e.g. running water, food, bed, clothes etc. Don’t get me wrong some people do recognise what they have and they are grateful for it but I think the majority of people don’t.

Sadly, there are people all around the world who are homeless or don’t have as many luxuries as the average human does. It really annoys me sometimes when I see people waste food or water because sometimes I just think, whose life could that save? Some people in my class complain about their lunch, if their mum or dad put the wrong filling in their sandwich or they don’t like the flavour of crisps they have. They either decide to put it in the bin or just don’t eat it and I tell them, “While you’re here sat complaining with food in your hands, people in need would do anything to have what you are holding so just eat it and be grateful.” This may seem a little harsh but it’s true and I think someone needs to tell them and they might actually think for a moment what they have.

Don’t you hate the adverts that have little children who are really thin or just a homeless person? It really makes me feel guilty and I’m sure a lot of other people feel guilty too because you know your little donation won’t change their life completely. As days go by more terrible things are happening to people all around the world and it won’t ever stop. I think most people would agree with me that if they ever see a homeless person on the street begging for money, that most people turn away because most of us will judge them based on stereotypes. We think “Oh it’s just another bad person, its their fault they’re on the street”. It might sound bad but even if you can’t admit in person you’re probably agreeing with me now. The next time you see a homeless person instead of giving some spare change to them maybe buy them a sandwich or make one at home because its cheaper and what harm can it do? I guarantee you’ll see someone on the street if you go to a big city. If you do decide to do this, I am pretty sure that the person’s face will light up and it’ll make you and that person smile, this little act of kindness will brighten up your day and theirs. It might show them that the world isn’t full of selfish people and there will always be someone out there.

I think one of the reasons why people aren’t grateful is because whenever some a new phone, shoes or clothes etc gets released. Most people buy it and whenever the next best thing comes out e.g. new iPhone. Everyone gets it and whoever doesn’t get the newly released item, feel as if they own a piece of crap and just want the new thing. Honestly if you’re lucky enough to have all the basics everyone needs, a phone and some extra luxuries then you are fine because there are some people who don’t even have food, water, a home etc. This is the problem whenever something new comes out, people think they need to get it and it then causes disappointment if they can’t get. If you feel like you are like this then everyday whatever time you want write down three things you are grateful for and do this the whole month, this will improve your happiness, it’ll help you realise all the great things you have in life.

Celebrities seem to have all the best things in the world, if people have some of them as role models then they could decide that they want what their idol has and this might cause them to be ungrateful for what they have already. As long as you have your health, family etc who cares if you don’t have the newest Ferrari because I’m sure some people around you want the same but they don’t have it. Your role model might seem happy on camera all the time but you don’t know what their life is like behind closed doors, they might want something you have that they don’t maybe good health or a family. Would you rather have a million pounds with no family and know that you’ll be dead in a few months or have a loving family, a life full of great memories and unforgettable moments with great friends. Which person would you want to be when you die?

Sorry again that I haven’t written in a long time. I hope you found this blog interesting and tell your mum, dad or someone you love, how much you appreciate them because it’ll brighten up their day. Thanks for reading xoxo


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