Trust is a very big, important thing and it is so precious because it’s very easy to break it and it’s really hard to gain back. You have to be very careful with it, it plays a very big part in everyday life with your family and friends. “Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.” -Oxford Dictionary.

Trust is a very big test in any relationship and it shows how strong your relationship is with you and the other person. It is a key to any relationship because it allows you to trust the other person and you can open up to them without having to worry if everyone else will find out the next day. Trusting the other person will really build your relationship up and strengthen it. It is the glue of any relationship because think about it if you didn’t trust the other person, why would have you got together with them?

Developing trust from when you first meet someone is really important because it also counts as first impressions and by gaining their trust, you have to be honest with them, you have got to try to show them by being sincere with what you say to them and how you act towards them. Otherwise they’ll be unsure as whether you are trustworthy or not. By becoming closer friends, your trust will have got stronger and will have helped you in gaining their trust and developing your friendship etc. You have to be careful because this can be easily broken and it’s hard to gain back.

Whatever has happened to lead for someone not trusting you, you have to fix it because if you don’t the other person might think that you don’t care about them or your relationship, friendship with them (only do this if you’re in the wrong). Tell them how you really feel about the situation you’re both in because it could let them know that you are really sorry and this is one of the first steps in building back up your trust with them.

Now, it’s not going to be easy because nothing worth having comes easy and by showing the other person, you’ll do whatever it takes to gain their trust again, it’ll prove to them that you care about them and about your relationship together. This will probably take a while but let time heal it and it will get better but you just need to take it easy because they other person might not feel as ready as you are. You need to be patient with them, this will also show how willing you are to become close with them again. Soon after that, hopefully they will trust you again. Did you know that having an argument with someone and then coming back together shows, how strong your relationship is with them and that you can handle any situation with them?

I hope you found this blog helpful and that this kind of thing doesn’t happen to you but if it does think of it as a lesson to you and see what you have learnt from it because it’ll help you in the future. Thanks for reading xoxo


Never Give Up!


So I am pretty sure that you have seen this picture before but if you haven’t then I think you must understand this picture. “You never know how close you are… never give up on your dreams.” Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but more difficult to wait. Once you go back, you will regret it for the rest of your life and you won’t forgot it, it might be quitting a dance or music class but if you do you won’t keep that talent for the rest of your life.

When I was 10, I used to do dancing and gymnastics. I used to be really flexible, be able to do one hand cartwheels, back flips and so much more but now I can’t because I quit my classes and I really regret it. I wish I was able to do those things now and I could probably do so much more if I did keep doing my classes. If you do some after school club or any other clubs, don’t ever quit it because you will regret and being able to do something that some people can’t is an amazing talent. It is a great thing to have and you will feel so much better that you didn’t quit it.

Whatever it is that you do, some people might doubt you for it because its “uncool” but sticking to something and showing them that you’re stronger than them will prove to you and them at how strong you are as a person mentally and physically. Although the task you are doing might seem a waste of time to you but it won’t be in the future and you will thank yourself that you stuck to what you did. Don’t let people pull you down to their level just because you do something unique or different to them, as long as it helps you or someone in a positive way and it makes you happy who cares what else everyone thinks as long as you know it’ll do you good then stick to it and show everyone who you really are and how much you can actually achieve.

Some people say to me, why are you writing a blog, its a stupid idea, your blog is pointless, no one is going to read it etc. You know things like that actually encourage me even more to stick to this blog because I will show them how many people actually read and benefit from my blogs. Whatever anyone says to you just remember that you’ll be the one gaining from what you do and it’ll help you in your future. Don’t give up until you get to where you want or till what you want to achieve.


I hope you found this blog helpful and remember to stick to what you love best. Thanks for reading xoxo

Stop Procrastination!


Be honest, is there something you should be doing right now? Some homework due tomorrow, a stinking pile of clots gradually growing bigger and bigger. You should be doing those things but instead you’re here, reading me lecture you about procrastination. Wait, don’t go away just yet, the next few minutes will probably be the most productive bot of procrastination you have done in your whole life.

Today, I’m going to be giving you some helpful steps on how to stop procrastination. Procrastination is about lying to yourself and telling yourself that you’ll enough time to do it tomorrow when you know you are way behind. When it comes to procrastination you have to trick yourself into getting the job done. So here I go with my steps to help you:

1. Eat an elephant- what I’m saying is you need time to digest or you’re going to make yourself sick. Reward yourself for getting through part of the project rather than waiting to reward yourself after the whole thing is over. Think about that one project that you really need to get out of the way but calm down, instead of letting it overwhelm you, organise it into small manageable sections. Think about what needs to get done and write down how you’re going to tackle the project hour by hour and make it specific by breaking down this project into smaller task. This ‘elephant’ will become less daunting.

2. Pick off the goblins- the hardest part about starting a project is always starting it, a good way to get around this is to start the project with the task you like to do best. When you do something you like, your brain releases dopamines which makes you happy.

3. Ignore the Siren’s song- this step is from Homer’s poem, The Odyssey. Odysseus is trying to get home and that required manoeuvring through the Siren’s (beautiful woman singing luring songs), the sailors that passed would often be lured onto their rocks, instead of Odysseus and his crew being lured by them, he ordered his crew to tie him up to the mast of their ship and for all the rest to plug their ears. No matter how loud he yelled and screamed to head towards the beautiful sirens, the sailors must’ve kept track. Now I’m not saying that you should tie yourself to anything but you should plan to clear any distractions that will hamper your ability to procrastinate later on. If you’re a sucker to the world wide web, have your parents change the internet or WiFi password to keep you on track for studying or whatever you need to get done. The less temptations you give into, the better you will be at getting a high grade.

I hope you found this helpful and that you get your work done, so do it now. Thanks for reading xoxo

25 Random Facts About Me!

So as I have had my blog for nearly a month, I thought I would give you some random facts about me because you don’t know much about me.

1. My dad chose my name from a James Bond film (not sure which one) and it was after a Russian spy.

2. I’m Ukrainian and British as my dad is British and my mum is Ukrainian.

3. I have only had two birthdays at home and the rest have been on holiday.

4. My favourite colour is purple.

5. I had a cat but sadly she died in December.

6. I have two sisters and they are both younger than me.

7. I was born in England and I still live here.

8. My favourite animals are lions and tigers.

9. My star sign is Leo.

10. I am 5ft 6, which is 167cm.

11. My mum makes me eat a banana every day because she says they’re full of potassium and lots of good vitamins but this is great because I can get what I want by saying I’ll eat more fruit and veg.

12. I have moved three times in my life.

13. I only have one cousin but I have never met her before.

14. I have a lot of family all around the world.

15. I have been playing piano for two years and getting very good at it.

16. I am a YouTube addict and I can’t help it!

17. I did dancing for seven years but I have stopped now.

 18. My favourite season is spring because it’s not too hot or too cold.                                                                                                                                                                        Image

19. I speak English obviously, fluent Russian, a little French, Spanish, Italian and German.

20. The last time I cried was when my cat died.

21. I have already started my I.T GSCE but all the rest I will be starting in September (time is going by too quickly!)

22. My favourite school subjects are English, History and French.

23. I am a very happy person and I am always able to put a smile on someone’s face.

24. I am a summer baby.

25. I want to be a psychiatrist.

So there are my 25 facts, I hope you enjoyed them and learnt something about me today and I will be back with my daily blog tomorrow about how to stop procrastinating. Thanks for reading xoxo

Maintaining Friendships


If only friendships could last like ones in films, they live next door and you spend hours together on a hot summers day in each others garden BUT we don’t live in a film world. Maintaining friendships especially during life changing events like moving house or changing classes in the new school year etc. It’s not easy, it isn’t uncommon to grow apart from your friends at this age and as you get older it becomes harder to make new friends. I’m going to give you five steps to maintaining old time friendships:

1. Communicate- Remember ‘SPE’ See Phone Email, social media can make you feel like you’re in touch with your friend more than you actually are with them. You should work hard to try to see the person whenever you can, if they don’t live near you then phone them rather than email. It will show them that you’re serious about this relationship and it allows for longer intimate conversations.

2. Send ‘You’ Greetings- Once you call them, you might feel there is an awkward silence and you don’t know how to break the ice. Send a ‘you’ greeting by asking how they are and remember to throw in a few compliments.

3. Don’t be too hard on your friend- One common thing you might notice now is that after you have been talking for a little while, is that you two have a little bit less in common but this is completely natural. Sometimes you and your friend will just drift apart, people change a lot in this time of their life now that doesn’t mean you can’t still be friends with someone, just try not to focus on your differences. Focus on your shared experiences and above all cut them some slack, think about the person you were when you first met them. You’ve changed, why can’t they?

4. Take advantage of big events- reunions, birthdays if you rarely get a chance to see your friend, these events can be perfect opportunities to reconnect and catch up with them also try to celebrate without any awkwardness, make it obvious to them and invite them to any other large gathering.

5. Have fun together- do something with your friend that you wouldn’t usually do or just hang out together when you both have homework because it will make it so much fun. You could do this once a week, it’ll broaden your conversations with them, you’ll have so many more great experiences with them and it’ll feel so rewarding for you that you two can still have fun even if you’re aren’t as close as you were before.

Now things in life don’t always go to plan and it could go wrong, maybe you two weren’t meant to be? I hope this does work for you though and don’t worry and remember everything does happen for a reason. If they don’t work out then just remember about all the great things you did together and treasure those memories for life.

I hope you found this blog helpful and that things in life don’t always go to plan, you just have to accept it and move on. If you do try it and let me know how you got on in the comments, good luck! Thanks for reading xoxo

International Woman’s Day


So if you didn’t know, today is International Woman’s Day and I am proud to say I am one because when I look at all the centuries ago of how women have developed and changed. I am truly inspired by many and just because we may not seem as strong as men, we are as capable of what men can do. If we put our minds to it, we could do anything we what and we are just as successful as any other man. “Women who seek to be equal with men, lack ambition” -Marilyn Monroe.


Sorry that this hasn’t been a proper blog, I just thought that every now and again, I could do something like this to get you thinking because there are some very important topics in the world that people don’t talk about and I feel as if I should bring them up and get you thinking about what they really mean to you. You could always discuss it with your friends and find out something new about them. I hope you liked this and I hope you enjoy them as I do more for you. Thanks for reading xoxo

Disconnect to Reconnect


The internet is an amazing place but it can be a home of bad things too. You get to stay in tough with everyone you have ever met, you can google random things like yourself which is always fun to see the results but sometimes you need to disconnect. If you’re more concerned about checking your news feed on Facebook rather than talking to your friends right in front of you or trying to get your high score on Flappy Bird instead of crossing the road safely then you need to be more aware of what is happening around you. Today is the day you need to take a step back from technology.

Consistent owners of the newest technology is something that the human race has been doing for a very long time. For example in th 19th century, there was a craze sweeping England called “kaleidoscomania” it was a fancy light telescope that everyone went crazy for. What makes today different? Many teens have access to the latest technology devices. How many of your friends have a smartphone? Odds are that more than half of them do. Are you reading this from a smartphone right now? In 2012,  58% of people between 13 and 17 had a smartphone. The percentage of American teenagers that own a smartphone is greater the the humans on this Earth that own a smartphone! We use the heck out of our phones, the average teen spends 20 hours a week on the internet and that doesn’t even count when we go on Twitter, Instagram etc.


Here are some tips to get you in touch (see what I did there) with the real world:

1. Designate a “No Screen” time- give any of your electrical devices to a parent, guardian or roommate for an hour and tell them not to give it to you no matter how much you beg. Do something you would never do e.g. play a sport, learn a new instrument, visit an art gallery without taking a picture of a painting and posting it on Instagram. You would be amazed how much fun you can have without your device.

2. Do it in person- do what in person? Do everything in person. If you’re sitting three feet away from your friend and you are texting them, put your phone down and have a conversation with them. Human interaction is good for you, humans need need to interact with others every once in a while.

3. Go outside- leave your MP3 player and phone at home, get some fresh air because it will be great for your health and do you some good.

4. Don’t fall asleep with your phone- if you sleep with your phone near you, it’ll tempt you to check if anyone has posted anything new on Twitter before you go to sleep. When you wake up, it will be right there for you to check Twitter again and it will be the first and last thing you see in the morning and night. Get it way from your bed and keep technology and sleep completely separate.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it useful. Even though technology is a great thing, it can also have negative effects on you so make sure you have enough separate time from your electronic devices and you’ll be just fine. Thanks for reading xoxo