Self Harm


1 in 4 people self harm, most of them hold it in and don’t tell anyone. This is a very important topic that could lead to something even BIGGER (if you know what I mean) so to avoid that situation, here is some advice if you have or are experiencing self harm and if someone you know is harming themselves.

To notice, if someone is harming themselves:

Unexplained cuts or bruises on their wrists, arms, thighs and chest.

Keeping themselves fully covered at all times, even in hot weather.

Signs of depression such as a low mood, lack of motivation and interest in things.

Changing their eating habits, unusual weight loss or gain.

Signs of low self esteem, blaming themselves for things or thinking they’re not good enough.

Signs they might be pulling out their hair.

If you do find out your friends is self harming then don’t panic because they won’t be open to you, you have to be calm otherwise they won’t be and they might not feel ready to tell you. If your friend doesn’t tell you straight away don’t feel as if they don’t trust you, it may just be that they don’t want to talk about it at that very moment. In case, they don’t want to tell maybe suggest an adult they trust, close family member or perhaps a doctor, you have to be very delicate with them because they could be very fragile at this time in their life so you must be very reassuring and be calm with them.

Once they tell you, reassure them that you will be there for them, support and care for them. This will make them feel a lot more safe inside and little more secure with you. Make sure that they feel comfortable discussing their problem with adults or someone who could help them, ensure the person understands the circumstances and they will help your friend recovering and inform you how to keep them happy and not go back. Keep helping them and they will be on their way to happiness and freedom.

If you are harming yourself, put the blade down because you’re not doing yourself ANY favours, talk to someone because they will want to help you. If you’re doing because you have lost someone close to you, imagine would that person want you doing this to yourself? If it’s because you’re being bullied, check out my bullying blog and it might help: You may think I don’t understand what situation you’re in but just listen to this, stay strong and put that blade down next time you reach for it, get a highlighter or pen then draw a line wherever you would use it and at the end of the day look at those stripes and be proud of yourself because that’s the amount of times you DIDN’T self harm, if you keep doing this I guarantee it will help you.

Some of the reasons that people self harm is because of something very traumatising that was happening or happened in their life e.g. losing a family member. Another cause of self harm is bullying, this also leads to other situations e.g. suicide, so in order to prevent self harm please look out for the signs of it because it is gradually affecting more and more people around the world and it’s not going to get any better, if no one helps. Self Injury Awareness Day is on Saturday the 1st of March, some people wear orange awareness ribbons, they write “love” on their arms, draw a butterfly on their wrists in awareness of “the Butterfly Project” wristband or beaded bracelet to encourage awareness of self-harm. Please get involved and make self injury more aware around the people near you because you never know whose life you might save.


Here are some websites that might help, there are LOADS more but here are a few :

I hope you found this blog interesting and that you could help someone if they have been affected by this, stay strong and keep helping because you’re doing a great job. Thanks for reading xoxo


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