Remember the good old days when you would just chill with your friends or siblings, not having a care in the world? Well those days are fading away and you can’t get them back. It sounds so sad to say but it is true, as the days go by we are gradually getting further and further away from our childhood. We’ve got to start maturing because we are entering our adulthood. It’s depressing, I know.

Children have changed so much now, I remember not having caring about anything, my looks, clothes, boys etc. Children do now, I know some eight year olds that have phones and iPads and they’re so up tight about their looks, I think society is another reason of why children have changed. When I was a child, we had a tv but only with a few channels and none of the technology we have now. We had lots of board game that my friends and I could spend hours playing, we would always play hop scotch, skipping, hide and seek and loads more but children now could just with a switch of a button have the world at their fingertips and they don’t even realise how lucky they are.

One of the best things about childhood was that you didn’t have to worry about homework, meeting deadlines, looking after yourself but when you grow older, you have to be more independent and you don’t rely on others as much when you did when you were little. You had your parents do the basics for you and then you could run free with your friends and let your imagination run wild, you didn’t have to worry about anything and life was great then. As you grow, things and people change. Everything and everyone seems so different now, you see everyday tasks differently to how you did when you were younger. Time flies when you’re having fun and it just seems to be going too quickly, you don’t even realise until you think about it.

Growing up also means you have to mature and become more sensible but sometimes that can be boring, you have to liven things up and make life more fun, just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or relive your childhood memories. Your childhood was probably the best years of you life for many reasons and its said to see it go and pass by. Some good things are when you talk about you memories with friends and family, you remember them like it was yesterday. It always brings joy, makes you smile and reminds how great life really is.

I think when you have children, you can relive your memories with them. You could do all the great things you did with them and its a brilliant excuse to do it. Watch all the films you watched, take them to your favourite parks or holiday destinations, I think it would be such a great thing to do with your family and it would really remind you of all the great times you had as a child.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and it brought you good memories. Thanks for reading xoxo


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