High Expectations


Don’t you hate when people always have high expectations of you? In school, if you put an effort in your homework, they expect top notch classwork or your parents expect good grades but maybe that term wasn’t the greatest one for you. You always feel like you have a big weight on your shoulders and that you have to work hard to pass someone’s expectations, this also causes stress and stress makes everything even worse. Sometimes you just have to let it go, stop and realise maybe you should bring the expectation to something more realistic so you can work towards it and feel more confident about reaching it.

I’m pretty sure at everyone’s secondary school, middle school and high school you learn about drugs, alcohol, smoking, underage pregnancies and more, all the teachers think that teaching us this all the time will help us realise how bad it is. We already know the effects, how to prevent it etc but do they really think that always mentioning it will help and reduce everyone from doing one of these things. Teaching us more and more about it, will make us want to do it more because it encourages us to and it makes it seem more cool and everyone thinks looks good as well, it doesn’t set a very nice first impression of you. I also think that the society nowadays is also encouraging teens to smoke, commit crimes because celebrities are going to rehab, going to prison. More and more teenagers are getting involved in crimes, smoking drugs etc.

Parents are also expecting big things from us, good grades in school and all As. It’s really annoying when you come home with your school report and the results aren’t as good as you hoped and you can just tell by the look of your parent’s face but other times when it’s good, you feel you have really achieved and exceeded in the world and you feel as you can do anything. Some parents give an award for getting good grades, which I think is great because that means more teenagers will be trying harder, some of my friends get iPods or a new phone for getting good grades. Especially at this age we need to be studying more and harder.

It’s a shame when people have high expectations for you because you don’t want to be judged by them and they then have low expectations of you and that makes people judge you and it just stress you out. Lots of people have high expectations in relationships because of romance films but they aren’t living in reality, life isn’t perfect like in the films so don’t judge and build you’re life like a film because it won’t work like that. Your life isn’t a movie so don’t base it around one, your life will fall into place and you won’t even have to worry about anything.

If you have no expectations then there’ll be no disappointments, don’t expect too much out of people because you’ll be disappointed with the outcome. Expectations are stretched too far which isn’t good, so just step by step and it’ll be okay. Make sure that the people or person who is expecting something from you knows that you want to take small paces, explain to them and they’ll understand if they really care. If you push yourself too hard, something bad could happen, so just take work easy. “Expectation is the root of all heartache”- William Shakespeare

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that you could relate to some of this. Thanks for reading xoxo


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