Bullying is a very serious topic and unfortunately many children and teenagers are bullied all around the world and this may sound very negative but I don’t think bullying will ever stop because there will always be that group of people that will never stop bullying and they’ll spread their negativity.

5 stages of bullying:

1. Watching and waiting- what I mean by this is that they will look for someone smaller and weaker to pick on and then they will watch how you react to things and then they look for your weaknesses and then use them against you.

2. Testing with their “gang”- they will start to watch you and see how you react to the little things, if they like your reaction they pick on you more and more, they will observe you and see if you will put up a fight.

3. Stepping it up a notch- as they start to enjoy your reaction to the little things they will gradually increase it and they just keep doing this.

4. Gathering momentum- when you realise that you are being bullied, they’ll know that you know. If you tell an adult or teacher and they then have a word with the bullies, they won’t care they like getting the attention and they’ll just keep doing this.

5. Bullying is established- you are now officially being bullied, this isn’t acceptable and it seriously needs to be dealt with.

There are many forms of bullying, cyber bullying, insults, physical and many more but these are the main ones. My two have friends have been in this situation, in this case I shall call them 1 and 2. 1 is quite a small girl and very vulnerable whereas 2 is much taller compared to 1, 2 is sometimes very aggressive and can take her rage out on other people anyway people around 2 provoke 2 to bully 1 and 2 does this because she doesn’t want to seem uncool or not popular. 2 has been bullying 1 for nearly 3 years and 1 is scared to report this abuse because 1 is scared of the outcome and she thinks it’ll make matters worse. I support 1 and all her friends do but 1 just can’t realise that she is being bullied, she’s completely oblivious to this and I wish that she’d realise.

Please don’t feel like 1, she is afraid to relax at school and you too shouldn’t feel like this either because school is a place where you shouldn’t want to feel captured or trapped because your school years are probably the best years of your life. Don’t feel as if you cannot do anything to stop being bullied because you can, it may sound hard but try not to react because that’s what they feed on and reacting will just make matters even worse.

If you feel abandoned or feel like you can’t escape don’t take the easy way out if you know what I mean (suicide). You’ve got so much ahead of you so don’t let a group of people take your life away from you, your life is probably more worthwhile than theres. Stay strong and if you ever need help talk to someone you really trust or maybe talk to a counsellor, you never know how much it could help.

Bullies are the people who are normally insecure with themselves or are jealous. Instead of dealing with their problems, they take it out on other people and then it causes them to look like the bad guy but in fact there is probably a little child screaming inside of them for help and they don’t know another way to ask for it. It may help you if instead of you being bullied ask if they need a shoulder to cry on or a talk because it may help and it could prevent you or someone else being bullied. Just one small act of kindness could really help someone out.

I hope one of these websites below will help to ease your mind:




I hope these help you. Thanks for reading!

Until next time bye xoxo


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