Since it’s Valentines Day, I thought I would write about this topic, sorry if you’re a boy and if you’re reading this, it could be helpful so keep reading. Every girl will have a crush once a while in her life, some are meaningless but I think each different relationship teaches you a valuable life lesson. Unfortunately, some boys don’t feel the same way but just remember the one is out there waiting for his princess (you).

It might sound odd but boys actually have feelings too. Yes I know, shocking but they are very good at hiding their emotions. I think most of them do this because they like to feel manly so lets just let them do their thing. Some boys are very sensitive which is nice to know that they’re actually human but we still want a manly man but we will always respect their feelings and never judge them, so boys don’t worry, we completely understand.

Us girls can get very jealous and over protective on our crush, we too are also very good at disguising our feelings to boys but we can’t stop thinking about them. You just get that happy feeling, when you see them walk into class but then you also get that shy feeling which you just cannot help, you may feel like your heart rate has gone off the scale, you’ve lost you voice and you’ve got butterflies in your tummy and you seem to get this feeling all the time you see him but you just can’t help it. Every girl and I think boy, boys let me know if you do, but all us girls get this feeling when we see him.

“Looks attracts the eyes but personality captures the heart”. You don’t what attracted you to him but every boy has that special thing and it just pulls you in. You completely forget about his looks and you care about his heart and personality more. A lot of people say that looks are important which are a little true because you wouldn’t date the ugliest person in the world with the best personality would you? As long as you follow your heart with your choice and not the looks because looks can deceive you, remember that in a few years time, his body and face will age but his personality won’t so don’t make any silly mistakes.

If you’re lucky enough to date your crush and you have an okay relationship then it just ends after a couple of months, you’ll act like you didn’t care or love him but be honest, there’s still a part deep down inside of you that does. It’s okay, people will understand, you don’t have to kid yourself, it’s okay to let your feelings out maybe a little cry too (I recommend a film, tissues, chocolate and ice cream) it’ll help. Just remember that you’ll gain something out of it and there’s still something over the horizon waiting just for you. “Good things come to those who wait”.

I hope all of you have a lovely Valentines Day, and remember Valentines Day isn’t just for boyfriends and girlfriends, it’s a day to show all the people you love how much you love them so maybe tell your family or friends how much you love and appreciate them. Let me know what else you’d like me to write about.

Thanks for reading xoxo


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